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Stock the Bar Invitations

Friday, March 16th, 2012

What do you do when the bride and groom have everything they need and a typical bridal shower just won’t do?  It’s time to get creative and think outside of the box!

One of the most unique bridal shower themes I think I’ve ever heard of is a stock the bar shower.  This shower is hosted for the bride AND the groom who need a little sprucing up of their at-home bar.  If the couple likes entertaining, has an eye for fine wine or simply likes to have a good time together with friends, this is a great type of shower to host!

At a stock the bar shower, each guest is asked to bring a bar, wine or alcohol related gift instead of the traditional toaster, blender or linen gift.  Gifts can be all over the ‘bar’ theme from champagne and fine wine to your favorite bottle of liquor.  Other gifts could be a book of cocktail recipes, a beer glass set, wine glasses, bottle openers, wine bottle openers, bar tools, monogrammed cocktail napkins, serving sets…the list goes on.  If you could use it at a bar, it goes!  You may even ask each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share at the shower with the other guests – just be prepared to collect keys at the door when your guests arrive!

Make your shower super fun and casual for everyone while you sip cocktails, create your own cocktails or maybe even host your own wine tasting!  Have guests do their own mini-toasts to the bride and groom-to-be.  You can keep your shower as an open house/open door event or plan a whole night of dinner, conversation and cocktails.  The best part about a stock the bar shower?  The bride and groom will likely return your ‘investment’ in their bar to you by inviting you over for cocktails at their next dinner party!

Set the scene for your stock the bar shower with a stock the bar bridal shower invitation.  Our stock the bar invitations are modern, trendy and chic, just like the engaged couple!  Choose an invitation that matches their party or bar style, be it exclusive and swanky or casual and wild.  Choose from wine glass invitations, beer bottle invitations, martini glasses, liquor bottles, wine racks, champagne bottles, champagne bubbles, bar tools and top shelf bar scenes.  We even have posh bar scenes of an at-home swanky bar.

Check out some of our favorite stock the bar shower invitations below and get ready to drink up and swank-out the bride and groom’s brand new bar!

Summer Party Invitations

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Are you trying to beat the heat already?  Believe it or not, the weather has actually been in the 80’s the last two days here in Cary, North Carolina, and it’s only March!  We know this can only mean one thing – we are in-store for one heck of a hot summer ahead!  There’s only one thing to do when that happens – accept it, embrace the hot weather and celebrate…because it’s only going to get hotter!

Summer themed parties are some of the easiest and most fun party themes to plan.  All you need is some sunscreen, a few beach towels, a pool or the ocean, plenty of tropical drinks, a few tropical decorations, endless popsicles and some great friends to celebrate with and you’re good to go!  While you’re busy worrying about getting bikini ready for the upcoming summer months, start planning your summer party now.

Browse through our scorching hot summer party invitations to set the scene for your summer event.  Summer themed parties are great for celebrating a kids birthday, adult birthday, a corporate event, rehearsal dinner or a general summer party for those just looking for a reason to get all of their friends together for a night.  We have the perfect invitations to make a splash with your guests, in a variety of brand new summer styles.

Our summer invitations feature a variety of designs depending on your warm-weather style.  For kids summer parties and kids summer birthday party invitations we have pool party invitations and designs with beach balls, pool toys, sand toys and beach buckets, water slides, popsicles, inner tubes, baby hula dancers, teens in swimwear, swim trunks, ice cream cones, mermaids and sandcastles.  For adult summer parties we have adult summer party invitations with serenity pools, flip flops, summer cocktails, sailboats, lake scenes, bbq themes, pool chaise scenes and adult pool party designs.  We also offer tropical party invitations that feature beach scenes, tiki bars, seashell borders, coral borders, Adirondack chairs, ocean scenes, beach umbrellas, tropical flowers, Hawaiian luaus, tropical fruit, palm trees and yachts.

Make a splash at your next event with a summer party invitation that turns up the heat!

VIP & Red Carpet Party Invitations

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Everybody nowadays either loves or loves to hate Hollywood.  The glitz, the glamour, the fame, the paparazzi – it’s all a part of this ‘reality’ world that looks nothing like our own, however our kids, (and maybe we personally), are obsessed with it!  From the Housewives of Beverly Hills to the Kardashians to stars like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie or Snooki, we’ve quickly learned that no publicity is bad publicity!

So what does it take to become a part of this world, even if it’s just for the evening?  Let your child be a star for a day with a red carpet or Hollywood themed party, where they’re the guest of honor!  Make it a VIP event that none of her friends will want to miss!  This is perfect for kids birthday parties and sweet sixteen parties.

Spread the word about your event just like the tabloids by sending out red carpet invitations to your guests a few weeks before the party.  Give details about the event, as well as an indication as to the formality of the event, so that your guests are aware of the proper attire.  You may want to have a black and white theme and then have the honoree come in a vibrant pop of color, so that she stands out from the crowd.  Our red carpet invitations feature red carpet ticket stub invitations, disco ball dancing invitations, theatre red carpet scenes and opening night invitations.  We also have VIP pass invitations with lanyards so that your guests are sure to know that this is an invitation to an exclusive party!  Purchase VIP pass invitations for everyone and require them for entry, or buy a small amount for only the VIP guests attending the party, so that her closest friends can have a special entrance and dancing area at the event.

When planning your event, check with the venue to see if they have a red carpet available for the outside of the location or club.  If not, you can likely purchase a red carpet runner from a party store at a fairly affordable price.  As each guest arrives, have someone open the car door for the guest and walk them onto the red carpet.  You can hire a photographer, or ask fellow parents to stand in as paparazzi to snap photos from the red carpet.  Have one older sibling with a microphone on the red carpet to act as an interviewer from “E” as the guests arrive.  Once through the red carpet, each guest can submit their VIP pass for entry and head into the venue to wait for the birthday honoree to arrive.

Have plenty of mocktails like sparkling cider or grape juice or soda for your guests, as well as mini hors d’oeuvres to snack on.  Unless you will be hosting dinner, keep the food light as everyone will likely be dressed up and not have time to sit down to eat a full course meal.  At the party play the kids favorite music and maybe even have a local band play.  As your guests leave your event at the end of the night, send each guest home with a gift bag filled with candy, party favors, lip gloss, a photo of the honoree and a card with a website telling them where they can view photos from the paparazzi that night.

Ready to host your own VIP party?  Check out some of our glamorous sweet sixteen party invitations below and set the scene for your next red carpet event!  You never know, Perez could be talking about you the next morning!

New Crawfish Boil Invitations

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

It’s time to spice things up around here!  Grab the butter, grab the salt, add a little hot sauce and a huge appetite, and you’ve got a recipe for a party!  Crawfish boil parties all the rage right now, and I keep hoping that I’ll be invited to one this year!

The crawfish boil is a southern tradition which stems from Louisiana and southern Texas and celebrates Cajun music and culture.  Crawfish boils are typically held by churches or organizations that need a lot of food to feed a lot of people!  They also work great for rehearsal dinners and large adult birthday parties held throughout April, May and June every year.  With April just around the corner, it seems like a great time to choose this party theme for your next big bash!  Crawfish boils are actually a very affordable meal choice for a large party, too!  Prices can range from just $0.99 per pound – $1.50 per pound this time of year.

What to expect at a crawfish boil?  The crawfish are typically cooked in a huge pot with a strainer, which is all heated by propane.  Make sure you have a big open area outside to boil your crawdads!  Season your boil with cayenne pepper to keep things hot, lemon, salt, basil and crab boil seasoning.  Most crawfish boilers will also serve up corn on the cob, potatoes, onion and garlic with their boil.  Cover each picnic table outside in newspaper and amaze your guests as you dump the feast directly onto the table in front of them and invite them to feast.  Make sure plenty of hot sauce, butter and lemons are available – oh, and don’t forget the beer!   You’ll need something to cool your mouth off from all of that spicy food.

Ready to set the scene for your crawfish boil?  Our newest crawfish boil invitations will bring the spice to your party with escaping cartoon crawfish crawling right out of the pot and runaway crawfish crawling over your picnic table!  We also have classic crawfish boil invitations which feature delicate watercolor designs of crawfish steaming in a pot or hugging your beer at the table.  Make things a bit rustic with our woodgrain background low country boil invitations or make your guests hungry with a sizzling crawfish boil grill invitation.

Use a crawfish boil theme for your next event whether it’s a big birthday party, a corporate event, your rehearsal dinner, a church gathering or simply just an excuse to get together with the best of family and friends.  Spice things up with one of our fun crawfish boil invitations below…

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Vintage. Representing the high quality of a past time, the best of its kind, old-fashioned.

It used to be that hearing the word vintage meant ‘of another time period’ and to some, the word may have seemed out of date or unappealing in the fashion world.  A local bride and I discussed just last week how ‘vintage’ is the new ‘contemporary’ in the wedding and fashion world.  Look around you, at how many of the ‘new trends’ are takes on trends from the past, or old trends brought back to life.  It was bell-bottom jeans a few years ago and now it’s the skinny jean and short jacket style coming back into play.  You never know when old styles will come back into style.

In the wedding world, vintage themed dresses, decor and accents are in full trend right now.  The new modern is the old vintage lace, intricate bead work, careful artistry and delicate patterns that we once marveled over years ago.  Your grandmother’s old wedding gown with the beaded boddice or lace sleeves, which you declared ‘of the time’ years ago could now be the inspiration for your own wedding gown.

Our team designers and vendors closely monitor trends in the wedding world, and have compiled some brand new styles for vintage bridal shower invitations.  They are simple, elegant and truly gorgeous to look at.  Vintage bridal shower invitations give off an essence of timeless elegance and class, celebrating the delicate nature and importance of love…the whole meaning behind your big day!  For those hosting a simple bridal shower or a formal bridal shower or tea, a vintage bridal shower invitation may be the perfect choice for you!

Choose from ivory or white stock invitations with brides wearing vintage white, ivory or beaded gowns or holding flowers, lace bridal gowns, antique damask pattern borders, brides posing in vintage couture gowns, old fashioned feather high heeled shoes and many more.  Our favorite designs are from collections from Bonnie Marcus & Co., VG Designs and Noteworthy Collections, to name a few.

Check out some of our favorite vintage wedding shower invitation designs below and take a step back as you marvel over these beautiful invitations, and celebrate the true meaning of your event – classic love.

Construction Party Invitations

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Calling all builders, big and small!  Kids construction parties are a growing trend for kids right now, which easily fits into a party theme for toddlers through grade school kids.  If you’re little foreman loves construction and digging in the dirt, this party theme is definitely for you!

Set the scene for your construction party with a construction party invitation that screams that this party is under construction!  Choose from dump truck invitations, construction site invitations, tractor pull invitations, track hoe invitations, man hole invitations and more!  We even have digital photo construction invitations if you want to feature a picture of your little workman!  Choose from VG Designs invitations, Noteworthy Collections invitations and Inviting Company invitations for a variety of styles for boy birthday invitations.

To set the scene for your child’s construction party, create your own “Road Work”, “Under Construction” and “Detour” signs with orange and white construction paper or poster board and line your driveway to direct your guests to your door.  Wrap your door in “Caution” tape for a construction themed party entrance.  Put a “Construction – Next 5 miles” sign inside the door.  Create your own ‘unloading station’ or a ‘dump zone’ for presents as your guests arrive.  For activities, create different’ work zones’ and craft stations to create your own hard hat, build your own building out of Popsicle sticks or a sandbox out back to move all the dirt you can imagine!  Create some fun games for your guests by separating the kids into teams that have to build their own bridges and roadways out of legos or blocks and then race a dump truck down the road at the end to see who will win.

For party food, create your own iconic ‘lunch pail’ boxes for each kid with snacks or a juice box inside.  Take a (clean) kids plastic dump truck and fill the back with chips and the front with dip.  Serve up some cake and ice cream in the shape of your child’s favorite construction truck or create a “Dirt” cake which is covered in Oreo dirt and put a candy dump truck on top!  For favors, let the kids keep their hard hats or hand out small excavator toys as the kids head out.

Check out some of our fun kids construction themed party invitations below and get ready for a party in the danger zone!


Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

When you walk down the aisle, we want you to be in style…but it’s also important to be in proper etiquette as well!  We’ve had a few questions from brides lately, and I though I’d share, because if one person wants to know, odds are that there’s plenty of others who want to know, too!

Honor vs. Honour – A bride inquired today about the misspelling of the word “honour” on one of our formal wedding invitations, but in actuality it isn’t a typo at all!  The word “honor” can be spelled this way or with the -our and it is correct.  “Honour” is actually the British form of the word, and you’ll mostly see it printed on formal wedding invitations, as opposed to a casual wedding invitation.  If you choose to use the “honour” form of the word, be sure to follow suit with your response card and instead of putting “favor” you would want to use “favour”.  Whatever you decide, just always be consistent.  If you think “honour” looks funny to you, feel free to use our American version of the word – both are correct.

Writing the Year on Reply Cards – When you are writing your wedding invitation, you’ll likely include the year on the invitation.  In doing this, you actually do not need to put the year on your reply cards or reception set, as the year is implied from your wedding invitation.  It can also seem a bit redundant and unnecessary when you think about it.  Just simply write the date that you would like guests to reply, and again, be consistent in writing the form of the date to coincide with what you wrote on your wedding invitation.   Many times we see a wedding invitation with “Saturday, the seventeenth of March” and then the reply card with “Please reply by March 1st”.  Keep it consistent and if you write the date out on your invitation, write “Please reply by the first of March” so that everything matches.  One date screams formal and the other informal, so take note of that.

Font Selections – Multiples? – The most traditional wedding invitations had your invitation details in a formal black script font.  However, with modern times, this has evolved and it is now acceptable to use alternate ink colors, as well as multiple ink colors on one invitation.  Many couples have decided to use a combination of fonts for their wedding invitation details, most commonly with a block font for the majority of the invitation wording, and a script font for the bride and groom’s names.  It elegantly brings the attention of your guest to the bride and groom’s names and truly makes for a gorgeous contemporary invitation.

Keep the etiquette questions coming!  We love answering them and researching them if you’ve stumped us on a rule we are unfamiliar with!

Camping Invitations

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Can you hear that fire crackling?  Smell the marshmallows roasting?  Got chills from those ghost stories?  Camping out used to be one of my most favorite pastimes as a child, even if we only stayed outside until midnight because we were to scared of the noises in the night.

Camping is a great family activity, and it can also be a great theme for your next kids birthday party!  A camping party is great for boys and girls and can really be a lot of fun for everyone!  Build a large campfire in your backyard and have plenty of long twigs available so that each guest can make their own s’mores treat!  Graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and roasted marshmallows – what could be better?  For dinner the kids can roast their own hot dogs, or you can teach them how to use a fire top grill if your fire is small and make hamburgers.

Set up your backyard campsite with logs for everyone to sit on and plenty of blankets for when it gets cold.  Have each kid tell their own ghost story, and give a prize to the kid who comes up with the scariest tale!  Teach the kids about the stars if it’s a clear night or let the kids run around to catch lightning bugs.  Make sure everyone brings their own sleeping bag and pillow, and be sure to offer bug repellent if it’s mosquito season!  If you have tents available, let the kids cozy up in them at night at bedtime.  In the morning, cook up some fireside flap jacks and cook your syrup over the grill.  It’ll be a morning treat they’ll love.

Set the scene for your camping party with a camping kids birthday party invitation!  Our camping invitations feature kids in camouflage sleeping bags, camping scenes under the stars at night, campsite cartoons, camping lanterns, marshmallows, fishing and camp fires.  If you’re running late on time, we also have camping fill-in invitations and camping fill-in thank you notes with the most adorable campfire and flashlight graphics for your camp themed party.

We also have adult camping invitations for those of us who just haven’t grown out of the outdoor stage.  These camping invitations make for a great theme for a guy’s night, an adult birthday party for him or a bachelor party out in the wilderness.  Plan on fishing for dinner and add some beer into the mix and you’ve got the recipe for a fun night out with your best friends in the woods.

Check out our fun camping invitations below and light a fire next time you plan a party!

NEW – VG Designs Invitations

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It’s always an exciting day for us when we introduce a brand new vendor to our website!  Our newest vendor, VG Designs, stands for Vickie Gregory Designs, a local vendor and artist whose designs feature a combination of watercolor paintings, marker and colored pencil drawings and acrylic paints.  Each design looks carefully sketched and painted with shaded colors and backgrounds, along with bright eye-catching borders.  They truly create memorable invitations with an artistic touch that can be hard to find with today’s digitalized world.

VG Designs Invitations range from boy birthday party invitations and girl birthday party invitations to summer party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, bridal shower invitations, adult birthday party invitations or floral party invitations.  Each card features a fun party theme with a creative twist.

Check out some of the different invitation categories available for VG Designs Invitations below and get a glimpse of this artistic collection which just hit our website last week!

Kids Birthday Party Invitations – Rev those engines!  VG Designs kids birthday party invitations features all of the things little boys and girls love most.  Their kids collection features monster truck invitations, bounce house invitations, laser tag invitations, construction invitations, car racing invitations, pirate themed invitations, roller skating invitations, bowling party invitations, pizza party invitations, cupcake invitations, dinosaur invitations, rock star invitations, princess invitations, dragon invitations and more!  Let your child’s imagination run wild with one of these kid-tastic invitations!

Bridal Shower Invitations & Rehearsal Dinner Invitations – If one word springs to mind when looking at VG Designs bridal themed invitations, it’s detailed and couture.  From bridal shower invitations to rehearsal dinner invitations and even wedding invitations, the elegance of a wedding is certainly captured.  You’ll see posed brides and bridesmaids in designs like the one on the right along with beach themed wedding invitations, nautical invitations, wedding shoe invitations, family crest necklace invitations and floral invitations.  Each invitation sis extremely detailed and contemporary, but with a bit of a vintage feel.  They also have themed invitations like a chili pepper or Mardi Gras mask, which can be great for themed rehearsal dinner invitations.

Adult Birthday Party Invitations – If you’re hosting a party for your birthday or just a get together with friends, our adult invitation collection has you covered.  Chose from fiesta party invitations, beach party invitations, cocktail party invitations, beer invitations, seafood boil invitations, summer party invitations, bikini invitations, sunflower invitations, juke box invitations, movie party invitations, masquerade invitations and more.


Check out the entire VG Designs Invitations collection at and keep checking back for vendor updates, new products and brand new vendors!

Trendy Save the Date Cards

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Congratulations on your engagement!  The time leading up to your big wedding day is such an exciting time for you and your fiance, from picking a venue to the brides dress and floral arrangements.  There is so much that goes into your wedding planning, which marks the first day of the rest of your lives as husband and wife.

Make sure that all of your guests are able to attend your big day with a save the date card!  Months before your wedding event this traditionally small card should be sent out to all guests you’ll be inviting, informing them of your chosen wedding date and location.  Plan on sending your save the date cards about 6-8 months before your wedding day.  If you are planning a destination wedding, or if your wedding date is around a very popular holiday where guests may be making alternate plans, you are welcome to send your save the date cards up to twelve months in advance.

When you choose your save the date cards, you can coordinate them with your future wedding ensemble, or do something completely different and unique to you as a couple.  The most popular save the date cards we see are photo save the date cards.  These cards feature your selected wedding information, along with a digital photograph of the soon-to-be newlywed couple!  Add a splash of color or a pattern to coordinate with your wedding colors or wedding theme, should it already be chosen.  Our save the date cards feature bookplate frames, floral scrolls, damask patterns, mountain or beach themes, airplane themes, ticket stubs, playing cards and engagement rings.  You can even choose to coordinate your save the date with the city your wedding will be hosted in.

When writing your save the date cards, you can choose to include as much or as little information as desired.  Some couples will choose simply to list the bride & groom along with a city name and date.  Others may wish to be more specific with a location specified or give a wedding website.  For destination weddings, the more information listed the better.  You do, however, want to make sure that some information is left for your wedding invitation.  And if you feel that anything may be changed before your wedding day, (i.e. location or time etc.), it’s best to leave that off too!

Ready to begin the first stages of your wedding planning? Browse through a few of our favorite trendy save the date cards below and set the scene for your big day!