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Baseball Invitations

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Make your little slugger’s next party a home run by focusing on the sport they love most – it’s America’s favorite pastime – it’s baseball, of course!  One of the best parts about celebrating your child’s birthday is allowing them to do whatever they want to do for the day, and sharing that with their best friends.

When planning your child’s baseball themed party, you have a couple of different options to make his party special.  Check your local listings and invite your child’s friends to attend a ball game at the local minor league team, which is typically a pretty affordable event for a small party.  No teams in your area?  Take the kids to a baseball field, or the backyard, and create your own baseball teams and play ball – which is especially great for large party groups, and lets everyone get involved and promotes health and exercise.

If your child is a baseball fanatic, look no further, as we have the perfect baseball invitations to make your party a walk in the park!  From die-cut invitations to baseball card simulated invitations featuring a photograph of your slugger, a baseball ticket invitation, or an old fashioned baseball in the dirt watercolor invitation, we’ve got you covered….

Baseball Fun by Paper so Pretty – One of my favorite baseball invitations, this cool kids baseball party invitation is made to look like an up-close picture of a baseball with red stitching.  The stitching on the right side of the card is actually made of reddish-orange lace, which you weave in and out of the card, just like a real baseball!  It’s a one of a kind baseball invitation for a one of a kind kid – just keep in mind that this invitation is large and a bit bulky with the thread, thus it may call for extra postage, so check with your post office before mailing.


Baseball Card Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Turn his summer baseball picture into his very own baseball card invitation and make him famous!  This unique invite has a navy and silver striped background with a fun baseball logo in the bottom left corner, which can be personalized with your child’s baseball uniform number.  His name aligns the left side of the card by his digital photograph and you can list the party details below his photo.  This is one of those party invitations that will be talked about for weeks after your event, and it makes for a great keepsake for Mom and Dad, too!


Baseball Hat & Glove Invitation by Paper so Pretty – Another one of Paper so Pretty’s finest, this fun baseball invitation is in a die-cut punched out shape of a baseball, baseball hat and baseball glove.  Your party details are printed on each graphic in a highly organized way to help you celebrate your little sluggers big baseball birthday party.  Coordinate the invitation with a matching liner to really make it pop.

Make your next party a homer with this collection of America’s favorite sporting invitations!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Monetary Gifts

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Money.  It’s what a lot of bride and grooms would prefer to receive for their bridal shower gifts or wedding gifts, but we all know it’s not proper to ask for that outright from your guests.  For many, the traditional registries for china, furniture and linens is essential as you build a home together for the first time.  However, for the modern day bride and groom, you may have been a couple for seven years or so prior to marriage, and living together for half of that time.  You may already have all of the pots, pans, linens and toasters you need!

We all know that your wedding ceremony/reception and bridal showers are meant to commemorate your nuptials, however it is likely that your guests will want to bring some sort of gift to you…though remember that it is presumptuous to assume that EVERYONE will bring a gift.  So, what does the modern couple do to inform their guests of their gift preferences without sounding greedy, tacky or well, rude?  The simple answer?  Word of mouth.

You should never (ever) put “Monetary gifts appreciated”, “Gift cards/checks only” or anything of that nature on your wedding invitations or bridal shower invitations.  I always cringe when I see this on invitations, and though most guests your age would be just fine with seeing that on an invitation, your Grandmother would just die.  Other guests may feel offended or feel obligated to send money, and then that may put pressure on them to give a gift that might not be in their budget.

We typically suggest spreading your request for monetary gifts by word of mouth by your bridesmaids and bridal party, parents of the bride and groom, etc.  You will still want to complete a small registry in case your guests are not comfortable sending money and would prefer to send gift off your registry.  You don’t have to register for the world, but I’m sure your linens or mugs could use a makeover.

Remember that when your guest gives a gift, whether physical or monetary, it is the sentiment behind it that matters.  We don’t get married so that we can receive gifts or have help paying for the wedding.  Whatever you receive for your special event, think how how special you should feel that you received a gift to commemorate the first day of your life together as husband and wife!

Collegiate Graduation Gifts

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Go Gators!!  Graduation is a special time for any family, but if you’re graduating from college, or heading to college in the fall, we know what an exciting time of your life this is, as you prepare yourself for the use of your higher education and embrace yourself for a step into the business world.

Whether it’s your child’s graduation or a graduation of a close friend or relative, we know you’ll want to help the graduate sport their new graduation status and spread their school spirit as they begin their next chapter in life.  Our collection of collegiate graduation gifts make great gifts when you’re attending a graduation party, as well as a great send-off gift for that student heading to a college or university in the fall.

We offer a variety of collegiate gifts from schools all over the United States.   Choose from Oklahoma State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Penn State, NC Sate, Duke, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, LSU, Michigan State and so many more!  You can now show off your school pride and spirit when you are hosting a party, working on a project for school or decorating your new cubicle at work.  Choose from a variety of ceramic gift items which work great for party planning and everyday use featuring stadium platters, mugs, picture frames, chip and dip platters and serving bowls, which are hand painted in your school’s colors, mascot and logo.

We also offer collegiate stationery for student and professional use featuring collegiate business cards, thank you notes, collegiate graduation stationery, notepads, menu and list pads, tear pads and clip board sets.  Just one glance to the side and your neighbors will instantly know your collegiate status and alma mater.  Traveling for a new job and need to mark your luggage?  We also offer collegiate luggage tags which show off your school pride from afar.

Sing your school’s praises as you embrace your new collegiate graduation status with our large collection of collegiate gifts…

RSVP’s for Party Invitations

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Répondez s’il vous plaît.  RSVP.  Please reply.  Regrets only.

Kindly reply. It seems like a simple enough request from your guests, right? I talk to many customers on a daily basis who ask me, how in the world do you get people to RSVP these days?  It seems like the busy nature of our society has made some of us forget our manners when considering whether or not to attend an event.  I sadly admit I’ve been the culprit of a non-rsvp once or twice before, and it always makes me feel horrible!

That being said, what is the best way to get your guests to RSVP?  Depending on the formality of your event, a reply card can be one of the easiest ways for your guests to reply.  You will only want to use a reply card on a formal event, (like a wedding, business event or a special event), where you need a head count, meal choices, etc.  When you send a response card with an invitation, it should list the request for the reply along with a reply-by date and choices as to whether or not the guest is attending.  All the guest will have to do is check off their attendance and fill in their name.  Remember to pre-stamp and pre-address the return envelope for the reply card, too.  Your guests should only have to fill in their information and then place it into their mailbox.

If you are hosting an informal event, be it a children’s party, a bridal shower or a family gathering, listing your RSVP information on your party invitation is acceptable.  A name and phone number used to be the only thing listed for RSVP’s, however it is now widely acceptable to place your email address along with your phone number as an alternate way to RSVP.  This is very helpful for those who may not have time to phone the host during the day due to work, or allow someone to RSVP to a host they are not acquainted with, which may make them a bit uncomfortable to call.  Giving more than one option for RSVP is usually preferred.  If you are having a very casual event and prefer not to be bombarded with phone calls and emails about party attendance, you may want to ask for “Regrets only” in which only the guests that cannot attend will contact the host.  Remember, this may be slightly troublesome if you only have a few regrets and then many people still don’t attend your event.  It’s a risky RSVP option, but you’re welcome to do that if you choose to do so.

The next time you receive an invitation with a request to reply, do your host the courtesy of sending your reply promptly, whether it’s by phone, email, text or mail.  This helps the host plan their event, food and activities accordingly.  And nobody wants to be “that” person at the party that shows up and doesn’t RSVP.

Save the Date Cards for Destination Weddings

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Tranquil breezes, an unbelievable background and all of your friends and family surrounding you with love, as you state your vows and begin your first moments together as husband and wife.  Destination weddings are becoming increasingly possible, as couples wish to give their guests a little ‘mini vacation’ as they celebrate their nuptials.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, be it at a tropical destination, a mountainous area or a city far away, you’ll want to make sure your guests are prepared and able to attend your event.  Sending a destination wedding save the date card as soon as you’ve begun planning your destination wedding is essential.  Destination wedding save the date cards can be sent up to twelve months in advance, or as little as six months in advance.  The earlier you send your save the date cards, the more guests you’ll have, as they’re given more time to prepare.

Most times, destination weddings are rather small, especially if you’re heading out of the country for your wedding.  This doesn’t mean you have to cut your guest list, as you want everyone to feel included, however prepare yourself for the fact that some guests may not be able to go due to family conflicts or financial issues.  The more time you give your guests to prepare, the better.

Your destination wedding save the date cards should reflect your personality together as a couple, as well as give a sneak peek to your guests as to what they can expect at your unique destination wedding.  Our save the date cards feature a variety of styles, patterns and designs to coordinate with your wedding theme and destination, be it in the tropics, mountains or the city.  Choose from photo save the date cards, which are our most popular, or a unique save the date card with a tropical pattern, passport theme, cityscape, airplane theme or a save the date magnet.

Typical save the date cards feature the name of of the engaged couple, the wedding date, location and a phrase advising that an invitation will follow.  Destination wedding save the date cards tend to include more information for your guests, so that they may begin planning or making travel arrangements.  You may want to include a wedding website which details information about accommodations or travel, or perhaps include an itinerary for guests.  Check with your destination wedding planner about hotel discounts or group rates for guests.  Be specific at the locations for your upcoming events.

Ready to start planning your destination wedding getaway?  Check out some of our most popular destination wedding save the date cards below and begin planning!

Baptism Invitations & Gifts

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.  -Acts 1:5 Your child is a blessing from above.  Celebrate your child’s baptism by inviting your family and friends to witness the religious ceremony as your child confirms their relationship as one of the Lord’s children, and ask them to celebrate with you after the joyous event!  At we offer a variety of baptism invitations, baptism stationery and religious gifts to help you celebrate one of your child’s first milestones in life, whether the baptised child is your own child, a special friend or a relative.

Browse through our unique baptism products below and set the scene for your child’s special religious day.

Baptism Invitations – Invite your friends and relatives to your child’s baptism with our large collection of religious invitations which are perfect for baptisms, christenings and communions.  Each invitation features a delicate religious theme with a religious cross or theme along with soft hues to accent such a special and delicate event.  Some of our most popular baptism invitations feature digital photographs which help you share a picture of your baby with your recipients, as well as create a great keepsake for mom and dad years down the road.  Our baptism invitations are available in a variety of styles including christening gowns, damask and toile patterns, celtic crosses, pockets, ribbons, bibles, bookplate frames, bible verses and antique frames.  Choose a shimmer or recycled stock to add a little something extra to your invitation.  Remember that our baptism invitations are also available with coordinating baptism thank you notes and stickers to create an ensemble.

Baptismal Candles – Perfect for use at your baptism service or as a gift for the child receiving the Lord, Personalized Memories offers tall standing baptism candles which feature your name, baptism date, church name and a cross printed directly onto the candle.  Add a favorite bible verse if you prefer to give the item as a gift.  Choose a color for your ink to coordinate with your baptism invitations or theme.  Choose from fresh green, black, metallic silver, pink blush, metallic gold, chocolate, caribbean blue and raspberry red.  Each candle includes a coordinating ribbon for presentation.  Your candle can be lit and displayed during the ceremony or given as a gift at the baptism reception following the ceremony.


Oval Baptism Cross Wall HangingPerfect as a gift for the baptized child, Personalized Memories offers gorgeous wall hangings to commemorate your child’s baptism in a special way, one which can be displayed in your home or nursery.  This particular wall hanging features an oval plate which sits atop of a dark cherry cross.  Measuring 11 x 7.75 inches, the cross arrives full assembled for hanging.  Personalize the cross for the child’s baptism or christening with their name and baptism date.  The top of the oval pictures a dove flying over water and a Bible verse from Acts 2.  The date and name are centered below the verse .  This is one of our most popular baptism gifts.

Check out all of our personalized baptism gifts and stationery at and make your child’s baptism an event to always cherish and remember.

1st Birthday Invitations

Friday, April 20th, 2012

You know the scene…your son or daughter’s eyes grow wide as they take their first bite of birthday cake ever, which then becomes more of a face paint then a dessert!  It’s such a special day when your son or daughter has their first birthday.  Not only are they turning one, it’s also the one year anniversary of their birth date!  Celebrate with all of your family and friends with their first birthday party.

When planning your child’s first birthday party, do it up right with a fun themed party to make it special.  Some of the most popular 1st birthday party themes are monkeys and jungle animals, whales, polka dots, cupcakes, teddy bears, toys, sailboats, flowers, balloons, fish or hearts.  Carry your party theme through to your 1st birthday party invitations, party favors, party food and your birthday thank you notes.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures to capture this special moment in your lives.  When planning your party, make sure it is an early morning or late afternoon party, so that you don’t interfere with nap-time.  You can make your party totally casual with an at-home party with some of their playgroup friends and your family members, or make it a full-blown birthday bash with all of your family and friends.  Switch things up by having your party at the park or local zoo, or whatever place interests your child the most.  Afterall, it’s their first birthday, and one you’ll never forget.

Set the scene for your child’s special day with a first birthday party invitation from our large collection.  Our most popular first birthday party invitations tend to be our photo invitations.  Nothing makes a better keepsake than a party invitation that doubles as a time-capture with your child’s photograph upon it.  Choose a photograph of a moment where your child is at their best making a funny or happy face, or doing what they love most.  Our photo kids birthday invitations feature up to three photographs of your little one.  If you just can’t get your child to sit still for a photograph we also have traditional first birthday party invitations that feature all of the things your little one loves the most from safari animals to princess crowns, frogs and insects, sports, monkeys, polka dots, cake and cupcakes or fun designs with the number “one”.

Check out some of our kid-favorite first birthday party invitations below which are sure to set the scene for your child’s special first birthday!  Be sure to order extra cards so that you can keep a few as keepsakes for your baby albums or scrapbooks.

Graduation Invitation Ensembles

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Congrats, graduate!  Graduation is just about a month away, or maybe less!  Now is the time to choose the perfect graduation announcements and graduation party invitations to spread the news about your child’s graduation.  If you’re looking for a complete graduation ensemble, we have you covered from graduation announcements to graduation party invitations, graduation stationery and return address labels.  If you want to stay coordinated and show off your school colors, you’ve come to the right place!

When browsing our website, click on your favorite graduation announcement or invitation and look at the “other items you may like” section.  Most products have matching thank you’s and stickers to create your own graduation ensemble, that looks like it was made just for your son or daughter’s graduation.  Below is one of our popular graduation ensembles which features a square graduation invitation, thank you note & return address label…

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Graduation Invitations – Bright and spirited, this fun square invitation features a purple and white background with an orange stripe separating the two.  “CLASS OF 2012” is pre-printed at the top of the card in purple and orange ink, and a black grad cap hangs over the 2 in “2012”.  Turn the card over to reveal a white back with a purple and orange striped background which carries the “Class of 2012” theme from the front of the card.  The best thing about this invitation is that it’s available in a variety of different school colors so that you can coordinate it with your own high school or college’s colors.  Choose from purple & orange, green & silver, black & pink, black & light blue, navy & yellow or black & red.

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Notecards – If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with graduation, it’s gifts!  Be prepared for all the gift you’ll receive with graduation stationery that coordinates with the gorgeous invitations you sent to your guests!  Just like your invitations, these thank you notes come in a variety of variations to coordinate with your school colors.  Each design features a double colored outer border and “CLASS OF 2012” at the bottom of the card with the black grad cap hanging over the “2”.  Write your thank you note message on the body of the card inside the border.

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Round Stickers – One of my personal favorites, it’s always fun to jazz up your graduation invitation envelopes or graduation stationery envelopes with a sticker instead of a traditional, (and sometimes boring), return address.  They also work great for party favor stickers, too, or gift tags!  These round stickers carry over the “Class of 2012” design with the black grad cap, and feature your text printed in your school/college’s unique school colors.

Check out these amazing designs below and create your own graduation ensemble!


Personalized Gifts for your Wedding Party

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

As the bride and groom, you’re sure to be showered over and over again with kind gestures, gifts and monetary gifts/donations to help plan your wedding and celebrate your new nuptials.  From engagement gifts to bridal shower gifts to wedding gifts or even “at home” gifts, they just keep coming in during this special time in your life.  Give back a bit to the people who have supported you throughout your relationship together and your entire wedding planning by showering your parents and wedding party before your big day.

Gifts for the wedding party can be given out at any time throughout your wedding planning, be it at a bridal luncheon, your rehearsal dinner or the morning before your wedding ceremony.  Gifts are most often presented at the end of your rehearsal dinner, but can be given out whenever you deem appropriate.  The typical cost for a wedding gift for your bridal party is $15 – $60, depending upon your budget.  You can do a unique gift that the wedding party can use at the wedding, be it a spa treatment, hair for the wedding or wedding day jewelry, or do something different with a personalized gift like the fun gifts suggested below.  Whatever you do, be sure it reflects your appreciation for the person’s dedication and friendship during this special time in your life.

Gifts for the Groomsmen: When purchasing a gift for your groomsmen, you can purchase the same gift for everyone, or give everyone a unique gift depending on their taste and style.  Our most popular personalized groomsmen gifts feature engraved flasks, shot glasses, pilsner glasses, pub signs, army knives, etched sports mugs, money clips, wine gift boxes or poker sets.

Gifts for the Bridesmaids: When purchasing a gift for your bridesmaids, find something they can all use again and again, and think of you each time they use it.  Our most popular bridesmaids gifts are embroidered tote bags, trinket boxes, personalized engraved flasks, keychains, picture frames, koozies or wine glasses.

Check out some of our favorite wedding party gifts below and shower your bridal party and groomsmen with gifts to let them know just how much it meant to you, for them to be a part of your special day!

Stationery Etiquette – Married Names

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

What’s one of the first things you’ll have to do upon returning from your honeymoon after your big day finally arrives?  Sit down and write the dreaded thank you notes, of course!  We know you appreciate all of your gifts, and want to express that to your guests, but sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming job, especially after just planning your wedding, whether you’re writing two hundred or twenty five.

Your wedding stationery should be purchased approximately one month before your wedding date, so that when you return from your wedding festivities they are ready to be completed.  You can choose thank you notes that coordinate with your wedding style and theme or go with something completely different that is unique to you as a couple, and your individual style.  You might want to choose collegiate stationery if you both graduated from the same University or a silhouette thank you note showing the bride and groom surrounded by love.  Do what makes you feel comfortable and get excited about your stationery.  The more you like the cards you choose, the more ambition you’ll have to write them.

When purchasing your wedding thank you notes, you will want to incorporate the bride and groom on your stationery – your first set of “married stationery”.  Remember that the bride’s/wife’s name should always be put before the groom’s.  The thought behind this is that she was “given away” to the groom, thus she should always be written first.  Also, the man should never be separated from his last name.  Thus when writing your  names you would use, “Anna and Harrison Montblanc” rather than “Harrison and Anna Montblanc“.

If using “Mr. and Mrs.” on your stationery, follow it with your new last name, or the first and last name of the groom – Mr. and Mrs. Montblanc OR Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Montblanc.  You would not add the wife’s name to the last name when having Mr. and Mrs.  Many may feel it appropriate to put “Mr. and Mrs. Harrison and Anna Montblanc“, however this is incorrect as it breaks the rule of separating the man from his last name.  Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Montblanc is correct.

Remember that you can always create your own married monogram, which combines the bride and groom’s first name initials together, with their married last name initial in the center.  This is one of the most popular monograms used for wedding stationery.  Monogrammed stationery is also one of the most traditional forms of stationery used for weddings.

Check out more wedding and etiquette tips by clicking here!