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Personalized Notepads

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Doodle it.  List it.  Scratch it. Jot it.  Whatever you want to do with it you may, because it’s yours and a totally fun way to express your personality at your office, home desk or kitchen counter.  Our personalized notepads are great for keeping track of appointments, writing a note to your child’s teacher, taking notes while on the phone or scribbling a reminder when multi-tasking at the office.  We can add lines if you want to make it a grocery list, or check boxes [ ] if you want to put “A note from the Mom of” and use it for all of your children.  Jotting down notes has never looked this good!

Our personalized notepads come in a variety of styles, some including an acrylic holder for easy storage, organization and presentation.  Noteworthy Collections has come up with over 50 brand new notepad designs, all of which just happen to be discounted if you’re one of the smart readers on our email list today.  Each notepad can be personalized with your name and personal information to make it yours.

Choose a design which coordinates with your unique personal style.  We have children’s personalized notepad designs which work great for ‘notes from Mom’ after school, notes to friends or a desk accessory.  Choose from a variety of styles featuring sports, cheerleading, music, butterflies, dance, peace signs, football, basketball, camouflage, painting and artwork, polka dots, hearts and animal print.  Use a fun kid-friendly font and add your child’s name or a fun phrase to the top or bottom of the pad.  Some of our notepads include colorful ribbons which is great for gifts.  These notepads are also great for graduation gifts for the graduating senior.

No kids in the family?  We also have adult personalized notepads which are great for at home or in the office.  Choose from a variety of styles and color combinations in the most modern of patterns and hues.  Choose from borders of gingham, stripes, flowers, plaid and polka dots, or special interest items with sports, music, gay pride or art.  We also have monogrammed notepads or toile notepads, in case you’re looking for something classy and elegant.

Check out some of our fun notepads below and start to personalize your world!  Whether you’re doodling in a meeting, jotting a note to a teacher or making a chore list for the kids after school, these fun notepads will brighten up your work area and make daily tasks seem a bit more obtainable.