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Pirate Party Invitations

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Calling all pirates, strong and bold…X marks the spot, ‘cus we’re looking for gold!  Pirate parties always seem to be a popular party theme for kids, ages three and up, boys and girls.  And ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out, they’re popular for adults, too!

Why are we all so fascinated by pirates?  They’re famous for robbery and violence on large ships at sea, where battling for power combined with an unquenchable thirst for treasure seemed to be a daily inevitable task.  But when you think about it, horrible as they were, pirates were smart, thrifty and extremely dedicated to their jobs.  They set sail for adventure and had an extreme need for brotherhood.  Villainous they may have been, sure, but they couldn’t have all been bad, right?

Do you happen to have a child with an unquenchable thirst for finding their own treasure filled adventure?  Create an unforgettable party for all of your party guests with a pirate filled birthday party adventure.    Shake ‘yer guests with fear by sending out a pirate party invitation to the adventure of a lifetime.  Choose from a variety of invitations for boys and girls featuring die-cut pirate ships, treasure maps, pirate boys and girls, island scenes, pink pirate ships, pirate flags, under water sunken treasure chests, talking parrots and skull and cross-bone designs.  We offer printed invitations as well as blank stock invitations if you want to print on your own.  Don’t forget about our fill-in pirate invitations either, which offer quick and affordable kids party invitation options.  From shakin’ in your boots scary pirate designs to fun cartoon quest for treasure designs, the perfect pirate party invitation awaits your search.

When planning your party, you may want to turn your backyard or party area into a quest for adventure and treasure.  Hide a treasure map for your guests to find and follow until the end where they’ll finally reach the buried treasure!  Fill up a treasure chest with chocolate gold, play jewelry for the girls and swords for the boys.  Mark a huge red X over the treasure, but make sure it is out of plain sight.  Allow each pirate to come dressed in their favorite pirate gear, or have them create their own costumes with dress up clothes and makeup upon arrival.  Give everyone a pirate hat to take home, and you can even divide your guests into two treasure seeking teams to see who can find the treasure first.

Ready to host your own pirate filled treasure hunt?  Check out some of our amazing kids pirate party invitations below…or ye may have to walk the plank!