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Yoga Bridal Shower Invitations & Stamps

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Namaste.  One of the fun parts about planning events for the bride-to-be is showing her how much you know about her and her interests, and combining those interests into each part of her wedding planning.  If your bride is extremely health conscious and incorporates healthy eating and exercise into her healthy lifestyle, a BBQ shower may not be the best option for her!  When planning your next bridal shower or wedding event, try to incorporate a little bit of the bride into each unique event.  Need a unique idea?  Read on…

So you’ve decided to shower the zen bride!  She’s athletic, spiritual, fit and always helps others in finding a way to relax the stresses of life away.  If your bride is a yoga aficianado, try sharing her interests with her bridal shower guests by having a yoga bridal shower in her honor!  Hire a yoga instructor to come to the shower to teach everyone some basic yoga moves.  Or, attend a class at your local fitness center together.  It will help the bride and her maids relax about the wedding day ahead and may even inspire others to attend a yoga class after your bridal shower.

Embrace the healthy nature of your shower by serving up cucumber water drinks and healthy spa-like foods, or small finger foods.  If the bride is green conscious, you can ask guests to bring unwrapped gifts to save paper.  Ask your guests to come dressed in comfortable yoga attire, and set the scene with soothing music and shower colors.

At we offer a variety of spa party invitations that will help you set a serene scene for your yoga shower, featuring relaxing spa day invitations or invitations promoting beauty, health and relaxation, which is important for any bride-to-be.  We also offer yoga themed self-inking stamps which go great as an accessory to your yoga bridal shower invitations, which feature silhouette scenes of a tree balancing pose, the “Ohm” symbol or a simple sitting pose.  Choose a colored ink pad to coordinate with your shower color and you’ve got a fun stamp to use as your shower return address labels or a yoga stamp on a party favor.

Check out some of our favorite yoga and spa inspired products below and help your shower guests get on board the spiritual track!