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Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Friday, April 13th, 2012

We’re not talking sundae toppings, or a trickle from a water hose!  We’re talking baby!  Most of us have a baby shower prior to the birth of a first child.  But what do you do when a friend or a family member is having their second, third or fourth child?  What if the expecting mommy didn’t have a baby shower the first time around or what if it’s been quite a few years since her first child was born?

Traditionally at someone’s first baby shower they receive all of the big baby items they’ll need, like a stroller, changing table, diaper genie, high chair, car seat, etc.  If the expecting mom is having her second or third child, she may not need these big gift items, but may need a few new clothing items, bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, etc., especially if the sex of her baby is different than her previous children.

A sprinkle shower is a small baby shower for the expecting second-time (or more) mommy in which the guests “sprinkle” the mommy-to-be with things she will need for her newborn.  It is not as elaborate as a traditional baby shower in terms of gifts and decor, but it’s still a great way to celebrate the baby’s upcoming arrival and support the mommy-to-be with any last minute necessities.  This unique shower theme is growing in popularity as we want to celebrate the happy milestones we experience throughout life.  Remember, if a “sprinkle” seems too low-key for you, you can always do it up right with a full-blown traditional baby shower, however a “sprinkle shower” is just a nice low-key way to celebrate the new mommy-to-be if she is conscious about requesting gifts when she’s already had a child.

For your sprinkle shower, host an intimate event at the host’s home, a local pool or greenroom or maybe even a spa setting.  Keep it light with a few non-alcoholic cocktails and finger foods.  You may want to have a baby tea or lunch with a few good friends and family members.  For your sprinkle shower invitations, choose an invitation that brings light to this joyous event.  Choose from our umbrella teddy bear invitations, expecting mommy invitations, baby pram invitations, baby shower gift invitations or baby toy invitations.  We have baby girl invitations, baby boy shower invitations and gender neutral invitations, in case the sex of your baby is a surprise.

Check out some of our fun baby sprinkle invitations below and “sprinkle” the expecting mommy with love and baby essentials before the arrival day comes!