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Stationery Etiquette – Married Names

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

What’s one of the first things you’ll have to do upon returning from your honeymoon after your big day finally arrives?  Sit down and write the dreaded thank you notes, of course!  We know you appreciate all of your gifts, and want to express that to your guests, but sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming job, especially after just planning your wedding, whether you’re writing two hundred or twenty five.

Your wedding stationery should be purchased approximately one month before your wedding date, so that when you return from your wedding festivities they are ready to be completed.  You can choose thank you notes that coordinate with your wedding style and theme or go with something completely different that is unique to you as a couple, and your individual style.  You might want to choose collegiate stationery if you both graduated from the same University or a silhouette thank you note showing the bride and groom surrounded by love.  Do what makes you feel comfortable and get excited about your stationery.  The more you like the cards you choose, the more ambition you’ll have to write them.

When purchasing your wedding thank you notes, you will want to incorporate the bride and groom on your stationery – your first set of “married stationery”.  Remember that the bride’s/wife’s name should always be put before the groom’s.  The thought behind this is that she was “given away” to the groom, thus she should always be written first.  Also, the man should never be separated from his last name.  Thus when writing your  names you would use, “Anna and Harrison Montblanc” rather than “Harrison and Anna Montblanc“.

If using “Mr. and Mrs.” on your stationery, follow it with your new last name, or the first and last name of the groom – Mr. and Mrs. Montblanc OR Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Montblanc.  You would not add the wife’s name to the last name when having Mr. and Mrs.  Many may feel it appropriate to put “Mr. and Mrs. Harrison and Anna Montblanc“, however this is incorrect as it breaks the rule of separating the man from his last name.  Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Montblanc is correct.

Remember that you can always create your own married monogram, which combines the bride and groom’s first name initials together, with their married last name initial in the center.  This is one of the most popular monograms used for wedding stationery.  Monogrammed stationery is also one of the most traditional forms of stationery used for weddings.

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