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Graduation Invitation Ensembles

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Congrats, graduate!  Graduation is just about a month away, or maybe less!  Now is the time to choose the perfect graduation announcements and graduation party invitations to spread the news about your child’s graduation.  If you’re looking for a complete graduation ensemble, we have you covered from graduation announcements to graduation party invitations, graduation stationery and return address labels.  If you want to stay coordinated and show off your school colors, you’ve come to the right place!

When browsing our website, click on your favorite graduation announcement or invitation and look at the “other items you may like” section.  Most products have matching thank you’s and stickers to create your own graduation ensemble, that looks like it was made just for your son or daughter’s graduation.  Below is one of our popular graduation ensembles which features a square graduation invitation, thank you note & return address label…

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Graduation Invitations – Bright and spirited, this fun square invitation features a purple and white background with an orange stripe separating the two.  “CLASS OF 2012” is pre-printed at the top of the card in purple and orange ink, and a black grad cap hangs over the 2 in “2012”.  Turn the card over to reveal a white back with a purple and orange striped background which carries the “Class of 2012” theme from the front of the card.  The best thing about this invitation is that it’s available in a variety of different school colors so that you can coordinate it with your own high school or college’s colors.  Choose from purple & orange, green & silver, black & pink, black & light blue, navy & yellow or black & red.

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Notecards – If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with graduation, it’s gifts!  Be prepared for all the gift you’ll receive with graduation stationery that coordinates with the gorgeous invitations you sent to your guests!  Just like your invitations, these thank you notes come in a variety of variations to coordinate with your school colors.  Each design features a double colored outer border and “CLASS OF 2012” at the bottom of the card with the black grad cap hanging over the “2”.  Write your thank you note message on the body of the card inside the border.

Toss Your Hat Purple and Orange Round Stickers – One of my personal favorites, it’s always fun to jazz up your graduation invitation envelopes or graduation stationery envelopes with a sticker instead of a traditional, (and sometimes boring), return address.  They also work great for party favor stickers, too, or gift tags!  These round stickers carry over the “Class of 2012” design with the black grad cap, and feature your text printed in your school/college’s unique school colors.

Check out these amazing designs below and create your own graduation ensemble!