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1st Birthday Invitations

Friday, April 20th, 2012

You know the scene…your son or daughter’s eyes grow wide as they take their first bite of birthday cake ever, which then becomes more of a face paint then a dessert!  It’s such a special day when your son or daughter has their first birthday.  Not only are they turning one, it’s also the one year anniversary of their birth date!  Celebrate with all of your family and friends with their first birthday party.

When planning your child’s first birthday party, do it up right with a fun themed party to make it special.  Some of the most popular 1st birthday party themes are monkeys and jungle animals, whales, polka dots, cupcakes, teddy bears, toys, sailboats, flowers, balloons, fish or hearts.  Carry your party theme through to your 1st birthday party invitations, party favors, party food and your birthday thank you notes.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures to capture this special moment in your lives.  When planning your party, make sure it is an early morning or late afternoon party, so that you don’t interfere with nap-time.  You can make your party totally casual with an at-home party with some of their playgroup friends and your family members, or make it a full-blown birthday bash with all of your family and friends.  Switch things up by having your party at the park or local zoo, or whatever place interests your child the most.  Afterall, it’s their first birthday, and one you’ll never forget.

Set the scene for your child’s special day with a first birthday party invitation from our large collection.  Our most popular first birthday party invitations tend to be our photo invitations.  Nothing makes a better keepsake than a party invitation that doubles as a time-capture with your child’s photograph upon it.  Choose a photograph of a moment where your child is at their best making a funny or happy face, or doing what they love most.  Our photo kids birthday invitations feature up to three photographs of your little one.  If you just can’t get your child to sit still for a photograph we also have traditional first birthday party invitations that feature all of the things your little one loves the most from safari animals to princess crowns, frogs and insects, sports, monkeys, polka dots, cake and cupcakes or fun designs with the number “one”.

Check out some of our kid-favorite first birthday party invitations below which are sure to set the scene for your child’s special first birthday!  Be sure to order extra cards so that you can keep a few as keepsakes for your baby albums or scrapbooks.