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Wedding Stamps

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Wedding bells are ringing!  At InvitationBox, we call this time of year ‘wedding season’ as we receive such a large number of brides looking to create their perfect wedding ensemble to invite their guests to their big day.  Outside of wedding invitations, one of the most interesting trends I’ve seen this wedding season is the use of our wedding self-inking stamps.

The Noteworthy Collections self-inking Snap Stamp offers up to 10,000 impressions of ink and your precious wedding details.  These convenient and user-friendly stamps feature one stamp base and hundreds of different stamp face designs to coordinate with your wedding theme, personal style or personality.  They are great for use on wedding favors or bridal shower favors, as well as for use as a return address label on the back of your wedding invitation envelopes.  They are fun, elegant and much less expensive than ordering thermography or engraved addresses on the back of your envelopes.  A return address can also seem so boring at times.  Our stamps will help you reflect your wedding theme, as well as your personality as a couple.

Need a gift for the soon-to-be-wed couple?  Our wedding stamps are also great for gifts for the bride and groom.  Choose from our Mr & Mrs stamp, which is a favorite choice for the newly wed couple.  It will be one of the first items the bride and groom use with their new last name.  They also work great as an accessory for wedding stationery when the couple sends out thank you’s for all of their gifts.

Our wedding stamps feature a variety of designs for the new couple.  We introduced Bonnie Marcus self-inking stamps this year, which feature some of our most popular wedding stamp designs.  Inside this collection you’ll see wedding gowns, silhouettes of a wedding couple, wedding shoes and love birds.  We also have monogrammed stamps which showcase your married monogram, tropical stamps, patterned stamps, place setting stamps and special interest stamps.  Check out some of our favorite wedding stamps below and personalize every inch of your wedding with our fun, modern and elegant self-inking snap stamps.

Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Friday, April 13th, 2012

We’re not talking sundae toppings, or a trickle from a water hose!  We’re talking baby!  Most of us have a baby shower prior to the birth of a first child.  But what do you do when a friend or a family member is having their second, third or fourth child?  What if the expecting mommy didn’t have a baby shower the first time around or what if it’s been quite a few years since her first child was born?

Traditionally at someone’s first baby shower they receive all of the big baby items they’ll need, like a stroller, changing table, diaper genie, high chair, car seat, etc.  If the expecting mom is having her second or third child, she may not need these big gift items, but may need a few new clothing items, bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, etc., especially if the sex of her baby is different than her previous children.

A sprinkle shower is a small baby shower for the expecting second-time (or more) mommy in which the guests “sprinkle” the mommy-to-be with things she will need for her newborn.  It is not as elaborate as a traditional baby shower in terms of gifts and decor, but it’s still a great way to celebrate the baby’s upcoming arrival and support the mommy-to-be with any last minute necessities.  This unique shower theme is growing in popularity as we want to celebrate the happy milestones we experience throughout life.  Remember, if a “sprinkle” seems too low-key for you, you can always do it up right with a full-blown traditional baby shower, however a “sprinkle shower” is just a nice low-key way to celebrate the new mommy-to-be if she is conscious about requesting gifts when she’s already had a child.

For your sprinkle shower, host an intimate event at the host’s home, a local pool or greenroom or maybe even a spa setting.  Keep it light with a few non-alcoholic cocktails and finger foods.  You may want to have a baby tea or lunch with a few good friends and family members.  For your sprinkle shower invitations, choose an invitation that brings light to this joyous event.  Choose from our umbrella teddy bear invitations, expecting mommy invitations, baby pram invitations, baby shower gift invitations or baby toy invitations.  We have baby girl invitations, baby boy shower invitations and gender neutral invitations, in case the sex of your baby is a surprise.

Check out some of our fun baby sprinkle invitations below and “sprinkle” the expecting mommy with love and baby essentials before the arrival day comes!

Yoga Bridal Shower Invitations & Stamps

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Namaste.  One of the fun parts about planning events for the bride-to-be is showing her how much you know about her and her interests, and combining those interests into each part of her wedding planning.  If your bride is extremely health conscious and incorporates healthy eating and exercise into her healthy lifestyle, a BBQ shower may not be the best option for her!  When planning your next bridal shower or wedding event, try to incorporate a little bit of the bride into each unique event.  Need a unique idea?  Read on…

So you’ve decided to shower the zen bride!  She’s athletic, spiritual, fit and always helps others in finding a way to relax the stresses of life away.  If your bride is a yoga aficianado, try sharing her interests with her bridal shower guests by having a yoga bridal shower in her honor!  Hire a yoga instructor to come to the shower to teach everyone some basic yoga moves.  Or, attend a class at your local fitness center together.  It will help the bride and her maids relax about the wedding day ahead and may even inspire others to attend a yoga class after your bridal shower.

Embrace the healthy nature of your shower by serving up cucumber water drinks and healthy spa-like foods, or small finger foods.  If the bride is green conscious, you can ask guests to bring unwrapped gifts to save paper.  Ask your guests to come dressed in comfortable yoga attire, and set the scene with soothing music and shower colors.

At we offer a variety of spa party invitations that will help you set a serene scene for your yoga shower, featuring relaxing spa day invitations or invitations promoting beauty, health and relaxation, which is important for any bride-to-be.  We also offer yoga themed self-inking stamps which go great as an accessory to your yoga bridal shower invitations, which feature silhouette scenes of a tree balancing pose, the “Ohm” symbol or a simple sitting pose.  Choose a colored ink pad to coordinate with your shower color and you’ve got a fun stamp to use as your shower return address labels or a yoga stamp on a party favor.

Check out some of our favorite yoga and spa inspired products below and help your shower guests get on board the spiritual track!

Teen Summer Party Invitations

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

If there’s one place to be during the summer season for teens, it’s at the pool, the beach or the lake, catching some rays during the day and bonding with friends as the sun sets.  Whether it’s the backyard or local pool or the ocean on a week-long vacation, staying cool during the hot summer months is where it’s at.

If your teenager is lucky enough to have a summer birthday, we’ve got you covered with the hottest teen summer party invitations, which work great for summer birthday parties or get togethers with friends.  Kids beach parties are some of the easiest parties to plan, as all you’ll need is the beach or a pool, towels, sunblock, cool drinks and snacks for a fun-filled sun-kissed day full of fun.

Our kids summer party invitations feature a variety of cool styles that your teen will love including beach themes, grunge themes, surfing themes and swimsuits in a variety of styles and vibrant colors.  Coordinate your invitation with the type of summer party you’re hosting, be it a beach theme, tropical theme or pool party theme.  Check out some of our favorite kids summer party invitations below and beat the heat with one of these trendy invites that your teen will love!

Grunge Burst Teal Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Surf’s up!  This sporty kids birthday party invitation features a faded teal background that has a subtle grunge pattern throughout making it look worn after a long summer at the beach.  An array of vines, leaves and swirling lines adorn the left side of the card which surround your child’s birthday year or a monogrammed letter.  Colors of the card feature teal, green, lime, olive and white, which make it great for teen guys and teen girls.  Pair it with a matching thank you note, response card or square sticker, (great for party favors and return address labels), and you’ve got one amazing grunge themed summer invitation set!

Cool by the Pool Invitation by IB Designs – Perfect for a teen summer pool party, this trendy little invite features five friends, three girls and two boys, in flip flops and their hottest and most colorful summer swimsuit and poolside attire.  They carry drinks, towels and sunglasses in their hands and stand over your pool party details, which can be added in a variety of fonts and colors.  A brown border boldly frames the invitation, and the back of the card features a wispy brown textured design on the back, giving it a summer appeal.  Match up this card with the coordinating round sticker to create your own matching return address labels for the back of your invitation envelopes or a party favor sticker for a goody bag or cool party treat.  This party invitation is especially great for those who will be inviting both girls and guys to their summer party event, as everyone is included in this fun invitation.

Cool at the Pool Invitation by Bonnie Marcus & Co. – Perfect for the teen who is always in style, be it at home, the mall or at the pool, this fun summer party invitation features a brunette girl lounging by the pool in sunglasses, a red bikini and a red sarong.  She holds a cool iced drink in her hands next to a colorful beach ball.  Look under the water and no, it’s not a shark, it’s a blue sketch of a boy in flippers and goggles swimming under the water waving to the girl above, as bubbles fly up to the surface of the water.  “POOL PARTY” is pre-printed at the top of the card in bright pink and lime green ink above the girl’s knee.  This invitation is great for an older teen turning 16 – 18 with it’s mature characters, but certainly allows for some summer fun with it’s whimsical summer design.

Beat the heat and celebrate with a teen summer party invitation from our beach and pool party invitation collection!

Pirate Party Invitations

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Calling all pirates, strong and bold…X marks the spot, ‘cus we’re looking for gold!  Pirate parties always seem to be a popular party theme for kids, ages three and up, boys and girls.  And ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out, they’re popular for adults, too!

Why are we all so fascinated by pirates?  They’re famous for robbery and violence on large ships at sea, where battling for power combined with an unquenchable thirst for treasure seemed to be a daily inevitable task.  But when you think about it, horrible as they were, pirates were smart, thrifty and extremely dedicated to their jobs.  They set sail for adventure and had an extreme need for brotherhood.  Villainous they may have been, sure, but they couldn’t have all been bad, right?

Do you happen to have a child with an unquenchable thirst for finding their own treasure filled adventure?  Create an unforgettable party for all of your party guests with a pirate filled birthday party adventure.    Shake ‘yer guests with fear by sending out a pirate party invitation to the adventure of a lifetime.  Choose from a variety of invitations for boys and girls featuring die-cut pirate ships, treasure maps, pirate boys and girls, island scenes, pink pirate ships, pirate flags, under water sunken treasure chests, talking parrots and skull and cross-bone designs.  We offer printed invitations as well as blank stock invitations if you want to print on your own.  Don’t forget about our fill-in pirate invitations either, which offer quick and affordable kids party invitation options.  From shakin’ in your boots scary pirate designs to fun cartoon quest for treasure designs, the perfect pirate party invitation awaits your search.

When planning your party, you may want to turn your backyard or party area into a quest for adventure and treasure.  Hide a treasure map for your guests to find and follow until the end where they’ll finally reach the buried treasure!  Fill up a treasure chest with chocolate gold, play jewelry for the girls and swords for the boys.  Mark a huge red X over the treasure, but make sure it is out of plain sight.  Allow each pirate to come dressed in their favorite pirate gear, or have them create their own costumes with dress up clothes and makeup upon arrival.  Give everyone a pirate hat to take home, and you can even divide your guests into two treasure seeking teams to see who can find the treasure first.

Ready to host your own pirate filled treasure hunt?  Check out some of our amazing kids pirate party invitations below…or ye may have to walk the plank!

Personalized Notepads

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Doodle it.  List it.  Scratch it. Jot it.  Whatever you want to do with it you may, because it’s yours and a totally fun way to express your personality at your office, home desk or kitchen counter.  Our personalized notepads are great for keeping track of appointments, writing a note to your child’s teacher, taking notes while on the phone or scribbling a reminder when multi-tasking at the office.  We can add lines if you want to make it a grocery list, or check boxes [ ] if you want to put “A note from the Mom of” and use it for all of your children.  Jotting down notes has never looked this good!

Our personalized notepads come in a variety of styles, some including an acrylic holder for easy storage, organization and presentation.  Noteworthy Collections has come up with over 50 brand new notepad designs, all of which just happen to be discounted if you’re one of the smart readers on our email list today.  Each notepad can be personalized with your name and personal information to make it yours.

Choose a design which coordinates with your unique personal style.  We have children’s personalized notepad designs which work great for ‘notes from Mom’ after school, notes to friends or a desk accessory.  Choose from a variety of styles featuring sports, cheerleading, music, butterflies, dance, peace signs, football, basketball, camouflage, painting and artwork, polka dots, hearts and animal print.  Use a fun kid-friendly font and add your child’s name or a fun phrase to the top or bottom of the pad.  Some of our notepads include colorful ribbons which is great for gifts.  These notepads are also great for graduation gifts for the graduating senior.

No kids in the family?  We also have adult personalized notepads which are great for at home or in the office.  Choose from a variety of styles and color combinations in the most modern of patterns and hues.  Choose from borders of gingham, stripes, flowers, plaid and polka dots, or special interest items with sports, music, gay pride or art.  We also have monogrammed notepads or toile notepads, in case you’re looking for something classy and elegant.

Check out some of our fun notepads below and start to personalize your world!  Whether you’re doodling in a meeting, jotting a note to a teacher or making a chore list for the kids after school, these fun notepads will brighten up your work area and make daily tasks seem a bit more obtainable.

Floral Invitations

Friday, April 6th, 2012

From all of us at, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy Easter weekend!  For some of us, it means the end to the 40 day sacrifice we’ve made in honor of Lent and for others it’s a fun holiday filled with the best chocolate candy of the year!  No matter how you spend Easter, be it dying eggs, having an Easter egg hunt with the kids or making an amazing Easter basket for your children, we hope everyone has a great, happy and healthy holiday weekend!

With all of the Easter excitement, I thought it might be appropriate today to share with you our floral party invitations and flower invitations, which work perfectly for the spring and summer months.  To me, the spring season always seems to go full-swing into bloom once we celebrate Easter.  Our floral invitations work great for life’s most special moments, be it a bridal shower, a garden party, a baby shower, a sweet 16 party or a wedding invitation.  From big modern flowers with vibrant or contrasting colors to soft delicate floral patterns embossed into a classic invitation, flowers seem to bring light to the delicate or special nature of your event.  We also have tropical flower invitations with hibiscus or Hawaiian flowers which work great for a tropical event.

If a specific flower is part of your party theme, we offer a variety of flower styles featuring daisies, roses, hydrangeas, lilies, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, tulips, floral vines or large bountiful blooms.  Match the flower colors to your party theme or wedding colors for a coordinating event.  We also offer several vendors which feature watercolor floral and topiary designs which are great for adult birthday parties, wedding showers or garden party events.  Don’t forget about our floral pocket invitations either!

Take a look at some of our gorgeous floral invitations below and let your guest list blossom for your special event!

Happy Easter, Everyone!


High Heel Party Invitations

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Cindrella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. Since we were young, we’ve been trying on shoes and strutting our stuff.  From our first pair of ballet shoes for dance class to secretly going into our mother’s closet to wear her high heel, to the fashionable, (and sometimes unbearable), pumps we wear when we’re heading out for a night out on the town.  Shoes are a sign of fashion, style and presence.  They make us feel feminine yet powerful as we strut into an event looking our best, with our pedicured foot forward.

High heel party invitations are some of the most popular invitations that we sell for women, whether you’re celebrating a summer party, a bachelorette party, an adult birthday party or a bridal shower.  They’re sassy, dressy and swanky, just like the honoree!  If you know someone who has more shoes in her closet than clothes, a high heel party invitation might just be for you…(and we have a high heel closet invitation to match)!

Choose from stylish strappy black shoe invitations which are perfect for a sweet 16 event.  We have wedge sandals for summer party events and daring red, black or animal print heel invitations for a girl’s night out or bachelorette bash.  If it’s a bride that you’re celebrating, we also have wedding shoes invitations which feature elegant and formal white and ivory wedding heels with feathery accents or gifts surrounding her posh shoe scene.  Remember that we also have 3D shoe party invitations that actually fold out into an authentic-looking high heel shoe!  Choose from wedding, black, red or leopard print 3D heels.

Check out some of our favorite girly invitations below that feature a variety of high heel styles.  If you’ve got style, sass and a lot of class, a high heel invitation may just be perfect for your next event, whether it’s your birthday or a wedding event.  Set the scene for your next event with an invitation that walks the walk!

Registry Information & Invitations

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

One of my favorite parts of attending a bridal shower or a baby shower is watching the honoree open up all of her gifts.  It’s just so fun to see all of the little baby outfits the mommy-to-be receives, or the piles of pots and pans for the bride-to-be.

In our modern times, we all assume and are perfectly happy  that the purpose of a shower is to help the honoree obtain all the things she’ll need as she takes a step into the next chapter in her life, whether she is becoming a wife or has a baby on the way.  However, traditional etiquette states that the main purpose of the shower is to celebrate the joyous milestone occasion ahead, and that the shower should not be used as a “solicitation for gifts”.  A little harsh?  Yes.  However if following proper etiquette, totally appropriate.

Traditional etiquette suggests that you invite your guests to your shower or wedding and leave the registry information off the invitation.  Instead, it should be spread by word of mouth by the host of the event- or the guest can ask when they RSVP to the host.  In our modern times, it is much more acceptable to list registry locations on your shower invitations, or include an insert card detailing the registry info.  While this is greatly accepted for a shower, it is not, however accepted for a wedding.  Wedding invitations should never indicate anything about gifts or registry locations.  Even listing “no gifts, please” is considered inappropriate as it implies you are assuming that people will feel required to bring a gift.  In short – if it’s a wedding invitation, leave everything gift-related off the invitation.

Most couples register at 1-3 places for their baby shower or bridal shower/wedding.  You don’t want to list so many places that you appear greedy, however you do want to list a few different places so that people have a variety of places to shop at, with different price ranges according to different budgets for gifts.  You also may want to provide a store or two that offers online registries, in case a guest does not have one of your registry stores near their location.  Many modern bride and groom’s that “have everything they need” have taken to doing a honeymoon registry online.  This is an amazingly neat way for you to purchase activities or extra “perks” for the bride and groom to use on their honeymoon.  The bride and groom make a list of all the things they are interested in doing/seeing on their honeymoon, and then you can pick those things off of the registry.

If you decide to list your registry information on your invitations, be sure to make it one of the last details on your invitation.  It should be listed very small at the bottom.  You may also choose to include it on a separate card, about the size of a calling card/business card. Places like Babies R Us actually give you registry cards to include with your shower invitations, so be sure to check with your chosen registry location to see if they offer this service.

NEW Pocket Graduation Invitations

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Such a special time when a student graduates from high school or college – one that calls for a special celebration and a special announcement or invitation to commemorate the event!  Our own team of designers, IB Designs, has created a brand new line of graduation invitations, just in time for graduation season.  They’re chic, stylish and modern, just like the recent grad.

Shown here on the left, our newest line of graduation invitations is all about the pocket!  Combined with a pre-tied satin ribbon and an insert card with all of your graduation details, it’s the perfect presentation for such an important event in your child’s life.  As soon as your guests open the envelope, they’ll be aware of how special a time this is for your family.

Our pocket graduation invitations feature a variety of styles and designs to coordinate with the graduate’s individual style.  Each invitation features a school color theme featuring the most popular school colors including purple & orange, navy & yellow, blue & gold, green & silver and red & black, to name a few.  We also have non school colors featuring light pink and baby blue designs, for the girly grad.  Our pockets are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures including shimmer card stock, matte white card stock and linen card stock.  Some of our pockets are event patterned or printed with a grunge pattern or your graduating class year.  The insert cards each feature your graduation details along with a contemporary graduation design featuring “Class of 2012”, a graduation cap or your child’s digital photograph.  We also have modern designs on our insert cards featuring colorful filigree swirls or bookplate frames.

When your order arrives, you can choose for to assemble your order for you, or you can do it on your own.  Each pocket comes pre-scored so that you simply fold the bottom flap up and slip the pre-tied satin ribbon around the middle.  There is no need to tie bows or worry about them being even, as they are strongly pre-tied for you.  Once this is finished, slide your insert into the pocket and you’ll be good to go!

Remember that due to the weight of this card, along with the bulk of the satin ribbon, additional postage will be required.  Typically a .64 cent stamp will work, however, you may want to take your invitations to your local post office before mailing, as all post offices are different.

Check out some of our amazing new graduation party invitations below and set the bar for this special graduation event!