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Kids Art Party Invitations

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso For any child, being an artist is easy, fun and exciting, as they test the waters of paints, markers, crayons and oil pastels to create a colorful masterpiece celebrating the innocence of childhood.  And their masterpieces are sure to hang all over your walls at home and work, as well as the refrigerator at home.

If your child is passionate about art, and never goes a day without creating their own art project, consider an art party for their next birthday party event!  Art parties have grown increasingly popular over the past year – they are fun for everyone and the best part is that each kid gets to take home their masterpiece as they leave your party.  Some of our most popular art party themes tend to be jewelry making, pottery painting and canvas painting.

Not sure where to start, which type of party to host or where you’ll find enough paint for ten kids?!  Have you ever done a search for kids art classes in your area?  It’s a great place to start!  A kids art studio may just be in your city or town that you didn’t even know about!  These places are great because the workers are great with kids and supply everything you’ll need for your art party – from smocks to paint to canvas or pottery items to paint, they’ll make sure your art party goes off without a hitch – and all you’ll have to do is supply the food, the birthday spirit and arrive with your guests!

To set the scene for your child’s art party, we have a variety of artistic kids birthday party invitations which will give your guests a little art inspiration before they head to your art party!  Choose from our painting and general art party invitations which feature paint splotches, art easels and canvas paint in a variety of pastel colors for girls or primary colors for boys or gender neutral art parties.  If you want to show off your own little picasso on his/her birthday, we also have ‘looks-like-me’ art party invitations which feature cartoon designs of kid artists dressed in smocks with paint on their faces holding up their crafty masterpiece.

Don’t forget about the accessories, either!  Many of our items are available with matching painting themed stickers, which work great for return address labels for your art party invitations, as well as for party favor stickers to use on goody bags or a supply bag for each artist as they enter your ‘art studio’, which can be filled with paint brushes, glitter or small paint by numbers.  We also offer art party thank you notes and art party fill-in thank you notes which make writing thank you notes to your guests after your child’s art party a breeze.

Let your child’s imagination run wild with their friends this year with an art birthday party that they’ll never forget!  Check out some of our favorite art party invitations below and paint the party scene for your guests as soon as they open the invitation envelope!

Christmas in July Party Invitations

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… And for many of us, it’s our favorite time of the year!  The family gatherings, buying gifts for family and friends, spreading that holiday spirit around to everyone you meet – we’re talking about Christmas, folks…in July!

I know what you’re thinking, and crazy as it sounds, one of our most popular July party themes is ‘Christmas in July‘.  It’s a shame that we only have one time during the year that we spend mending old fences, giving to charities, making the effort to get together with family and friends and spreading holiday spirit, and since 1933 we’ve made the holiday occur twice in the year with a Christmas in July themed party.

These unique parties typically involve a tropical holiday theme with Christmas light wrapped palm trees, Santa Hats and bikinis and ice-cold egg-nog milkshake drinks, (or cocktails)!  Have a mistletoe hung for guests as they arrive, ask guests to bring a fun summer gift for a Dirty Santa gift-swap game and invite everyone to bring a favorite holiday dish to share with the rest of the party guests…be it cookies, a side dish or maybe even a turkey.  Decorate your party area with tropical themed Christmas trees, candy garland and tropical garland on your stairwell.  Keep everything holiday themed, but with a touch of summer flare.  It’s a really fun party theme  that will have your guests guessing, as soon as they receive your party invitation.

Christmas in July parties are great for summer parties, bridal shower themes or family reunion themes…and we’ve got some great tropical holiday party invitations to help you set the scene for your festive party idea!  Our Christmas in July party invitations feature beach scenes with a flamingo walking on a deserted beach, (wearing a wreath necklace and a Santa hat, of course), or our jolly palm tree card which features four palm trees wrapped in a tangle of Christmas lights on a festive beach.  If you’re looking for something a bit more comical to coordinate with your funky party theme, try our Tropical Santa invitation which features a tropical Santa Clause Vegas themed sign reading “Marilyn and Brian’s Tropical Escape”.  Or, if subtle is key, try our beach blanket holiday party invitation which features appropriate red, green, tan and linen-looking stripes in a border frame, along with coordinating multicolored and different fabric ribbons that match the border stripes…perfect for a more formal Christmas in July party invitation!

Check out some of our great Christmas in July party invitations below and share your party ideas with us!  We’d love to hear how you added a little spirit of the holiday season to your summer soiree!

Advertise Your Business – Logo Stamps

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

It’s such an amazing feeling when your business becomes an iconic brand that is recognizable by all just by looking at the logo shape of your business or a word or a font.  One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by branding and spreading word of your organization with everything you do.

At InvitationBox, we make spreading word of your business a snap with the new Noteworthy Collections self-inking logo Snap Stamps.  These self inking stamps allow you to upload your own company logo to our website, to have it printed onto the face of a stamp.  We can even add your company name, address, slogan or motto to the outer border of the stamp, along with your logo, if you’d like.  You can choose from four different styles of logo stamps featuring circle, square, empty square and centered text, which features your company contact information centered below your company logo.

Each self-inking logo stamp allows you to stamp up to 14,000 impressions, meaning you can use your stamp on corporate mailers, company letterhead, business cards, business correspondence, promotional items, folders, training items and more, to spread word about your unique company.  Each stamp comes with a base for stamping with one black ink cartridge, however additional colored ink cartridges are available for purchase at just $12 each, in case you want to match your ink pad with your company colors, or change the ink pad as the seasons change.

When submitting your company logo for your self-inking stamp, be sure that you submit a vector artwork file image to us – which means you may have to go to the logo designer to receive the high resolution vector file.  You want the resolution to be as high as possible to ensure the cleanest lines when printing.  Acceptable file formats are .AI, .SVG, .EPS, .CMYK or .PDF, and please remember that the file can only be in black and white.

Whether you’re just starting out with your own business or if you are trying to create your own marketing tool, these self-inking stamps are one of the best advertisements you can use on your daily correspondence to promote and support your business.  They are quick, convenient, easy and oh-so-fun!

Celebrate Memorial Day – Army Invitations

Friday, May 25th, 2012

You don’t get very far in life without having to be brave an awful lot. Because we all have our frightening moments and difficult trials and we don’t have much of a choice but to get through ‘em, and it takes a lot of bravery to do that. The most important thing about bravery is this — It’s not about not being scared — it’s about being scared and doing it anyway — that’s bravery. – Ysabella Brave

Happy Memorial Day, readers!  We will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday, and I hope you’ll be off from work too, to celebrate this important holiday in our country.  Maybe you’ll be spending time with family, head down to the beach or stop by a soldier’s grave to pay your respects on this special day – whatever you decide to do, keep American in your heart and celebrate the soldiers who have lost their lives to fight for our freedom.  Memorial Day used to be known as Decoration Day, which began after the Civil War to celebrate and honor the fallen soldiers during the Civil War.  During the 20th century, Memorial Day evolved into a holiday in which we celebrate and honor all of the Americans who have died at war.  If you have a soldier overseas currently, we know you will want to reach out to them on this special day, to say thank you for putting their lives at risk to save ours.

One of the most popular patriotic themed parties we’ve seen this summer are soldier homecoming invitations, which honor a soldier who has been away from home or overseas, returning to their hometown or country after a long period of time.  There’s nothing more reassuring or comforting than your husband, wife, daughter, son or friend returning from war safe and sound…and it’s the perfect reason to celebrate and help the soldier reunite with all of the people he cares about and fights for on a daily basis.

Our most popular invitations for this heartwarming welcome home party are our army themed party invitations and our camouflage party invitations.  Nothing screams ‘proud solder’ more than an army tank heading to battle up a large dirt hill.  We offer army green ticket invitations, camouflage print borders, army tanks, binoculars and canteen scenes.  We also have patriotic party invitations which celebrate American pride and perseverance with vibrant red, white and blue themes.  Choose from stars and stripes, plaid patterns in our Nation’s colors, American flag backgrounds, fireworks scenes, barbecued food, lake scenes, picnic themes and red, white and blue ticket stub invitations.

Celebrate our freedom, brought to you by a very special soldier in your family or circle of friends, with one of our patriotic party invitations!  And of course, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Chocolate & Ivory Wedding Invitations

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Like leaves falling off the trees during the late year season, she fell deeply in love…

Calling all fall brides!  Now is the time to begin your search for the perfect wedding invitation, as your fall wedding is likely less than six months away!  Your invitations should be mailed to your guests about two and a half months before your event, and you will need a few weeks to address your invitation envelopes, which means summer makes the perfect time to choose your wedding invitation.  Remember to also allow a few weeks to order, proof and receive your wedding invitations, too!

One of the most popular wedding color combinations for the 2012 fall bride is chocolate and ivory…mixing the most traditional wedding color, (ivory), with one of the more modern wedding colors today, (chocolate).  The combination of these two crisp and clean colors gives off an essence of elegance and class, along with sophistication and style – and the perfect setting for your fall wedding!  As soon as your guests open your invitation envelope they will realize what a special and momentous even is ahead.

It was always amazing to me that once a bride’s wedding colors were picked, the rest of her wedding theme and ensemble soon fell into place and complimented one another.  Once you have chosen your wedding colors, begin the search for the perfect wedding invitation.  Our wedding invitation collection features a variety of themes and options to help you narrow down your search for the perfect ensemble.  You can browse our fall wedding invitations, chocolate wedding invitations or ivory wedding invitations to start.

The most popular wedding invitations tend to be pocket invitations, like the mocha pocket and ivory insert invitation you see there in the left corner, which is by Birchcraft Studios.  This particular invitation works great when you are sending guests multiple cards with wedding details, as the pocket conveniently holds your wedding reception card, response card, directions card or accommodations card, and helps your guest keep all of your wedding information organized with the side pocket folder.  This elegantly presented invitation is available in square or tall and thin vertical styles, and you can choose your own insert card colors or pocket colors.  Our other chocolate and ivory wedding invitations feature popular fall designs and patterns featuring fall leaves, sunflowers, chocolate satin ribbons, pine-cone branches and classic ivory cards with chocolate writing and subtle accent details.  Be sure that your invitation gives your guests a preview to the formality of your event, along with your wedding theme, as it will set the tone for your entire wedding event.

I created the above montage for our lovely chocolate & ivory wedding brides today, in hopes that it will give you a bit of inspiration for creating your own perfect wedding, exactly the way you envisioned it!  I found some great illustrations online that inspired me to create it, featuring an alternating tiered cake in ivory and chocolate, a wedding cake chocolate favor for your guests and a chocolate linen wedding reception with ivory napkin and chair details.  Dress your bridal party in chocolate tuxes and deep mocha dresses with slight ivory details popping through.  And remember that the ivory wedding gown is a popular couture trend we’re seeing for the modern bride, which brings back a vintage elegance with a modern style when compared to the traditional white wedding gown. Let your shoes match your dress and wedding style with an antique ivory lace, and be sure to heat things up with a chocolate and ivory garter for your wedding reception, (or after)!

Make your wedding a moment to remember for all guests and begin the memory with one of our fabulous chocolate wedding invitations, to create a little inspiration for your entire event!


Girls Night “IN” Invitations

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Ever wonder how the pro’s do it back in the kitchen?  Looking for an excuse to get together with the girls without having to pay fifty dollars for a babysitter?  Well, follow this party idea and we’ve got you covered…with ideas, that is!

One of the newest fads for women’s parties nowadays is home chef parties, where you hire a personal chef to come into your home and cook for you and your friends.  The chef will bring all necessary ingredients to prepare a fabulous meal for you, and if you wish, they can even teach you how to make your own dish, so that you can learn a few tricks to the trade!  If you have a few friends that consider cooking as boiling water, putting a frozen pizza in the oven or calling for Chinese takeout, this may just be the perfect party for you!

Have the personal chef arrive a bit ahead of your party time so that they can begin to prepare your food, and go over any special requests or dietary needs.  Have a few cocktails prepared for sipping, as your guests arrive, along with a chef made hors d’oeuvre to pass around.  Once everyone has relaxed with a cocktail and an appetizer, invite everyone into the kitchen to begin learning to prepare your meal.  Make sure nobody ruins their outfit by having aprons available for all guests.  You might even want to let each guest take their apron home as a party favor to remember your fun party idea, each time they step into the kitchen!

Set the scene for your girls night “in” with one of our girls night party invitations.  We offer a variety of styles to coordinate with your unique party theme, like kitchen and cooking themed invitations which feature cooking utensils, pots, pans, recipe cards and kitchen scenes.  If you want to focus more on the girl-bonding part of the evening, you can shop our girly invitations which feature cocktails, pictures of friends hanging out in a group, high heel shoes, cupcakes and cocktails, makeup scenes, chic silhouettes or animal print.

Check out some of our favorite girl’s night “IN” invitations below and remember, no matter where you are hanging out, as long as your gal pals are by your side, you’re bound to have one heck of a time!

Graduation Stationery

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Graduation season is nearing a close, and for all of you party planners out there, your graduation party is likely vastly approaching, if it hasn’t already passed!  Now is the time to start thanking your guests for all of their graduation gifts, monetary donations and support as your new chapter of life begins!

Graduation thank you notes should be sent approximately 2-4 weeks after your graduation party.  If you procrastinate a bit, sending a thank you note after the 4 week time period is acceptable – in other words, better late than never.  Just be sure that you do send them out, as you want to be sure that everyone knows what a fine and sophisticated graduate you are!

Our graduation stationery features a variety of styles, patterns and designs to coordinate with your personal style and to match your graduation party theme.  You can choose a thank you note that matches your graduation party invitation or something completely different…the choice is yours.  If you purchased graduation invitations from our large graduation collection and want to create a matching set for your graduation stationery, find the coordinating thank you note by re-clicking on your graduation invitation.  Each item has an “Other items you may like” section which will suggest return address labels or thank you notes that match your party invitation.  If you don’t see anything that matches, be sure to email, call or message our experts and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for choosing something that matches your graduation invite.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can browse our entire graduation stationery collection which features a variety of styles to coordinate with your personal style.  Choose from thank you notes that display your school colors or graduating year, or maybe a patterned graphic that coordinates with your party colors.  We have girly graduation stationery in pink and purple which feature looks-like-me designs of graduates, caps and gowns or career profession thank you note themes.  If you’re heading a college or university in the fall, be sure to check out our collegiate stationery items, which work great for high school seniors that just graduated, as it shows your recipient your excitement about your new educational institution in the fall.  They’ll be sure to know their graduation gift will go to great use as you further your education and career!  Collegiate stationery is also great for graduates graduating from college, while showing off their school pride for their alma mater.

Time to get writing, graduate!  Let your graduation party guests know how much you appreciated their special gift with this contemporary collection of graduation stationery!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Monday, May 21st, 2012

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me…”

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, June 17, 2012.  And now is the time to start planning the perfect day and/or gift for that special man in your life, whether he is your own father, the father of your children or simply a father figure in your life.  Nobody likes to do anything last minute, so take a moment to consider your dad or husband and be prepared for his special day.

At InvitationBox, we offer a variety of Father’s Day gift items to help show dad just how special he is to you.  Not sure where to start, or are you just looking for something that is a bit out of the ordinary, for the man who has everything he needs?  We’ve got you covered with personalized gift items to show dad that you are his number one fan, whether he is a sports fanatic, a college alumnae enthusiast, a cigar guy, a business man or a laid-back-grab-a-beer kind of guy.  Choose a gift that best matches his personality and interests.

Our personalized Father’s Day gifts feature engraved leather flasks, personalized sports mugs toasting glasses, lighters, shot glasses and pub signs, if you want to help him spruce up his home bar or man cave.  If he’s a business professional, shop our engraved monogram cufflinks, leather stash trays for his dresser, stainless steel cigar cases, money clips, engraved pocket watches or business card cases.  We also offer a variety of unique gifts for the all-around dad featuring army knives, coasters, personalized baseball bats, masculine wine bottle stoppers, keychains, camping duffle bags, dice games or beer mugs.

For the sports fanatic, shop our NFL team money clips, framed ball field or iconic bar sign frames, tailgating sets, pop-up bucket and personalized golf towels.  Remember for the college team fanatic that we also have collegiate pottery, stationery, notepads, business cards, return address labels and self-inking stamps so that Dad can show off his school pride on game day.  We feature some of the nation’s most popular schools featuring UNC, LSU, Notre Dame, Duke, Georgia, Miami, Michigan State, Florida State and Oklahoma University – just to name a few.

Check out some of our favorite “Dad” gift items below and let the special man in your life know how important they are to you with this special collection of gifts…


Kids Pool Party Invitations

Friday, May 18th, 2012

There’s only one thing to do when the weather is unbearably hot and you’re about to go stir crazy from the kids being locked up inside for days – head to the pool, of course!  It’s a great way to let the kids blow off steam (and energy), cool off and have fun in the sun.  If your child has an upcoming birthday during the summer months, make your next party a splash with a kids pool party invitation.

If you don’t have a pool in the backyard, try having your party at a local swim club, like the YMCA or at the neighborhood pool.  Local pools may even have party packages that include party games, favors, activities or food options.  They also add extra adult supervision, which is a must if you’re having ten kids jump into a pool at once!  You may even want to invite parents to attend for extra supervision and a little socialization during your child’s party.  It’s a great way to meet your kid’s friend’s parents, too.

Our kids pool party invitations feature a variety of styles to coordinate with your pool party style, be it a waterslide theme at the local waterpark or a backyard pool party at home.  We also have pool party invitations that feature all of the things your child loves most about the pool featuring colorful floating noodles, swimming goggles, inner tubes, sunglasses, snorkels, flippers, beach balls and flip flops.  Some of our most popular pool party invitations feature pool scenes of children playing, splashing and swimming in the pool together, featuring whimsical cartoon characters in fun bathing suits carrying beach balls and tubes.

If you’re having an under the sea themed pool party invitation, browse our mermaid party invitations which are great for little girls celebrating their water themed birthday, and they can pick an invitation that looks just like them with options for different hair colors and nationalities to pick the perfect “twin” mermaid design.  For boys we have monkey party invitations and under the sea invitations with underwater adventure snorkeling scenes and spouting whales.

Make a splash this summer with a wet and wild kids pool party!  Your child will be the COOLEST kid on the block!

Addressing Your Party Invitation Envelopes

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Addressing your wedding invitation or party invitation envelopes can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to figure out the proper way to address a friend that has recently divorced, married, obtained a new certification or someone whom you’re just not sure what title they are using nowadays.  Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Married Couples:
When addressing a formal invitation to a married couple that both use the same last name, you will want to include both parties of the couple in the first line of the address, which would thus read, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”.  On the inner envelope, you may go a bit more casual with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “John and Sandra Smith”.  Just be sure to include both names on the inside envelope.  If you have a married couple that uses different last names, meaning the bride never took on her husband’s last name, you still will want to list both names on the front of the outer envelope.  It would thus read “Mrs. Sandra Caldwell and Mr. John Smith”.  By using the word “and” and writing the names on the same address line, this signifies their marriage.

Unmarried Couples Living Together:
In the case that a couple lives together however they are not yet married, both names will need to be on the front of the envelope, however they should not be written on the same line, nor should they be adjoined by the word “and”.  The woman’s name should be on the first line using the title “Ms.”.  It would thus read, “Ms. Amy Smith” on the first line, followed by “Mr. Jack Walker” on the second line.

Married Couple  that have a Doctor(s) in the Family:
If both parts of the married couple are doctors, you can simply address your envelope as “The Doctors Smith”.  However, if one part is a doctor and the other is not, it can become a bit more complicated.  If it is a woman who is a doctor it would read “Dr. Sharon and Mr. John Smith”.  If she has not changed her last name it should be written as “Dr. Sharon Mills and Mr. John Smith”, again on the same line, with the word “and” in-between the names.

The Use of Titles:
If you are addressing a child under the age of eighteen, you will use the title “Miss”, “Mister” or “Master”.  You may also use “and family” if inviting the parents, as well.  For those unmarried guests, use “Mr.” or “Ms”.  “Mrs.” should only be used on a married woman, and if you are ever unsure, stick with “Ms.” as it is universal for married, divorced or unmarried.

Are you stumped while addressing your party invitations?  Submit your envelope or wedding etiquette inquires and we’ll be happy to research and help you convey the correct and proper information to your guests!