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Last Day of School Party Invitations

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Schooooool’s out for the summer! Or well, it soon will be!  I remember as a child, I always looked forward to the last day of school.  In elementary school our parents always took us on a surprise trip when the bell rang for the summer.  In middle school we all had a pool party with the neighborhood kids, and in high school we all went to the theme park with the FFA.  What will your kids do this year to celebrate a fun sun-filled  three months of freedom ahead?

Help your child start their own summer tradition with a last day of school party for all of their friends to enjoy!  The most popular last day of school parties are definitely pool parties.  There’s nothing like running and jumping into the cold pool after a long hot day at school.  Your child’s pool party can have a variety of activities from water sports to a full-on water balloon fight.  Have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand, and you can always ask the parents to join you to have a kids party and an adult party – there’s nothing wrong with extra supervision, and it gives you time to meet the parents of your child’s friends so that you can set up play dates for the summer, and maybe even make some new social connections.

Another great idea for your last day of school party is laser tag or a sports party where you get the gang all together for a co-ed game of flag football, baseball or kickball.  Get the kids active and running around, and you’re sure to have an unforgetable party for all of your child’s friends.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures as you celebrate before the next grade of school.

Set the scene for your summer party with a last day of school party invitation to kick-off your party with a splash!  Our wide variety of summer kick-off invitations features beach ball invitations, pool invitations with summer kids, teen pool party invitations, laser tag invitations, sports invitations, luau party invitations, beach party invitations, popsicle invitations, water park invitations, flip flop invitations, sand castle invitations and more.  All of your child’s favorite summer activities are certainly wrapped up in our amazing summer kick-off invitations!

Start your child’s summer off right with one of these hot summer party invitations and you’ll be sure to make a splash with all of your child’s friends!