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Using ‘Bride-Elect” on a Bridal Shower Invitation

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I spoke with a wonderful customer today for a while about the use of bride-elect on a bridal shower invitation.  If you’re a young one in this modern world, the term bride-elect may be extremely foreign to you.

Back in the old days, when someone referred to the groom’s bride-to-be, he referred to her as his bride-elect.  Seems a bit on the opposite side of feminism, if you ask me, but you know I never go against tradition!  But the main reason for this was that back in older times, the groom’s family may not have met the bride until the days of their wedding planning, thus someone receiving a bridal shower invitation or engagement party invitation may not know who the shower or party was for.  This is where the term bride-elect came into play.

So thus became the question, are you supposed to put the groom’s name on a bridal shower invitation, and if you do that, will people assume your all-girls bridal shower is now a co-ed couples shower event?  It all depends upon the way you word your invitation, and as always, we’re here to guide you!

The proper way to use the term bride-elect would be to invite your guests to the shower first, followed by the groom’s name after the bride’s name, as shown in the example below…

Please join us for a
Bridal Shower
Jessica Chesterfield
bride-elect of
James Mason

If the term bride-elect seems a bit stuffy for you, but you feel the need to put the groom’s name on the invitation, you can opt to use “fiancee of” instead, (remember to use two e’s on fiancee, as you are referring to the bride).  In modern times, it is pretty uncommon to see a groom’s name on an all-girls bridal shower invitation.  In short, you shouldn’t need it, unless the majority of your friends and family have not met your fiance.  These days, a bride standing on her own two feet is never a bad thing!  And if you ever want to celebrate both the bride and the groom, try hosting a couples shower instead!  It’s a great way to introduce the entire family and group of friends to one another!