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United States Self-Inking Snap Stamps

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Love the state you’re in?  That question can be taken a few different ways, I guess!  By this time, I’m sure you’re familiar with our self-inking Noteworthy Snap Stamps which are a great addition to any home or corporate office.   Whether you’re stamping your party envelopes or bills, you can now make your mark all over everything you do.

The best thing about our stamps is that the faces are interchangeable, which means instead of buying a new stamp base every time you want a new face, all you have to do is buy a new face and swap them out!  Our magnetic technology will help you put on the face with a magnetic snap that makes sure the new face is secure and straight every time, without any mess.

One of the coolest new design lines we have for our Snap Stamps is the United States self-inking stamp faces that showcase your pride for your home state.   Featuring all of the United States, your state is featured in a thick silhouette of the state’s shape and your address and name encircle the stamp making it yours.  These are perfect as gift items for the couple moving to a new state to use on moving announcements or new mail correspondence.  We also have state capitol self-inking stamps which feature your state silhouette with a heart over where your state capitol is located.  These stamps are also great for the moving couple, or the metropolitan city couple who truly encompass the meaning of city life.  They also work great for political campaigning!

Remember that you can jazz your stamp up with colored ink pads that coordinate with your state’s state colors.  Stamp ink pads last for up to 14,000 impressions, thus your ink pad will last for a ton of impressions!  We also sell ink bottles if you prefer to keep your ink pad and simply re-ink for reuse.  We also offer colored round labels, if you want to make your mark with fun and vibrant stickers, too.  All stamp accessories are available at an affordable $11 – $12, plus shipping.

Take a look at some of our favorite United States and state capitol self-inking stamps and take pride in the state you are from…and share that with everyone to which you correspond!