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Place Setting Invitations

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Nothing says “we’ll be celebrating with dinner” more than a picture of a sizzling steak plated by a gourmet chef with all the fixings.  However…picturing this photo or drawing on your invitation?  Not so attractive.  One of our most popular styles of invitations lately is our place setting invitations, which capture the elegance and beauty of a properly set table, without the tackiness of picturing an arrangement of food on a plate.

Place setting invitations are perfect for rehearsal dinner invitations, formal party invitations, adult birthday party invitations or any other type of formal party event where dinner is the main course for the evening.  These invitations are elegant and give off an essence of your special dinner party ahead.  We offer a variety of different place setting invitation styles that will coordinate with the theme of your event, whether you are eating at an Italian restaurant, a place in the mountains or hosting your own seafood boil.  Each invitation features a unique plating with a themed tablecloth or napkin, along with a mug of beer, bottle of wine, wine glass or cocktail…all giving way to support your party theme.

Our vendor, VG Designs, has recently released a trendy new collection of place setting invitations featuring twelve brand new place setting invitation designs that are perfect for a themed dinner party or rehearsal dinner.  You can choose from animal print place setting invitations which feature leopard print or zebra stripe table cloth backgrounds – these invitations are great for sweet 16 parties, bachelorette parties or bridal shower invitations.  For those hosting a themed rehearsal dinner we offer Italian place setting invitations with red wine, plates with Italy accents and antique Italian china like your grandmother used to have at dinner.  We also have western place setting invitations with bandana print napkins, rustic silverware and horseshoe napkin rings.  If a beach wedding is ahead, don’t forget about our tropical place setting invitations which feature sand dollar napkin holders, sea shell place cards and pastel plates.

Let your guests know that dinner will be served in a special way to celebrate your next special event.  And check out some of our brand new themed place setting invitations below to “set the table” for your next event!