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Addressing Your Party Invitation Envelopes

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Addressing your wedding invitation or party invitation envelopes can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to figure out the proper way to address a friend that has recently divorced, married, obtained a new certification or someone whom you’re just not sure what title they are using nowadays.  Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Married Couples:
When addressing a formal invitation to a married couple that both use the same last name, you will want to include both parties of the couple in the first line of the address, which would thus read, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”.  On the inner envelope, you may go a bit more casual with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “John and Sandra Smith”.  Just be sure to include both names on the inside envelope.  If you have a married couple that uses different last names, meaning the bride never took on her husband’s last name, you still will want to list both names on the front of the outer envelope.  It would thus read “Mrs. Sandra Caldwell and Mr. John Smith”.  By using the word “and” and writing the names on the same address line, this signifies their marriage.

Unmarried Couples Living Together:
In the case that a couple lives together however they are not yet married, both names will need to be on the front of the envelope, however they should not be written on the same line, nor should they be adjoined by the word “and”.  The woman’s name should be on the first line using the title “Ms.”.  It would thus read, “Ms. Amy Smith” on the first line, followed by “Mr. Jack Walker” on the second line.

Married Couple  that have a Doctor(s) in the Family:
If both parts of the married couple are doctors, you can simply address your envelope as “The Doctors Smith”.  However, if one part is a doctor and the other is not, it can become a bit more complicated.  If it is a woman who is a doctor it would read “Dr. Sharon and Mr. John Smith”.  If she has not changed her last name it should be written as “Dr. Sharon Mills and Mr. John Smith”, again on the same line, with the word “and” in-between the names.

The Use of Titles:
If you are addressing a child under the age of eighteen, you will use the title “Miss”, “Mister” or “Master”.  You may also use “and family” if inviting the parents, as well.  For those unmarried guests, use “Mr.” or “Ms”.  “Mrs.” should only be used on a married woman, and if you are ever unsure, stick with “Ms.” as it is universal for married, divorced or unmarried.

Are you stumped while addressing your party invitations?  Submit your envelope or wedding etiquette inquires and we’ll be happy to research and help you convey the correct and proper information to your guests!