Kids Pool Party Invitations

There’s only one thing to do when the weather is unbearably hot and you’re about to go stir crazy from the kids being locked up inside for days – head to the pool, of course!  It’s a great way to let the kids blow off steam (and energy), cool off and have fun in the sun.  If your child has an upcoming birthday during the summer months, make your next party a splash with a kids pool party invitation.

If you don’t have a pool in the backyard, try having your party at a local swim club, like the YMCA or at the neighborhood pool.  Local pools may even have party packages that include party games, favors, activities or food options.  They also add extra adult supervision, which is a must if you’re having ten kids jump into a pool at once!  You may even want to invite parents to attend for extra supervision and a little socialization during your child’s party.  It’s a great way to meet your kid’s friend’s parents, too.

Our kids pool party invitations feature a variety of styles to coordinate with your pool party style, be it a waterslide theme at the local waterpark or a backyard pool party at home.  We also have pool party invitations that feature all of the things your child loves most about the pool featuring colorful floating noodles, swimming goggles, inner tubes, sunglasses, snorkels, flippers, beach balls and flip flops.  Some of our most popular pool party invitations feature pool scenes of children playing, splashing and swimming in the pool together, featuring whimsical cartoon characters in fun bathing suits carrying beach balls and tubes.

If you’re having an under the sea themed pool party invitation, browse our mermaid party invitations which are great for little girls celebrating their water themed birthday, and they can pick an invitation that looks just like them with options for different hair colors and nationalities to pick the perfect “twin” mermaid design.  For boys we have monkey party invitations and under the sea invitations with underwater adventure snorkeling scenes and spouting whales.

Make a splash this summer with a wet and wild kids pool party!  Your child will be the COOLEST kid on the block!

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