Graduation Stationery

Graduation season is nearing a close, and for all of you party planners out there, your graduation party is likely vastly approaching, if it hasn’t already passed!  Now is the time to start thanking your guests for all of their graduation gifts, monetary donations and support as your new chapter of life begins!

Graduation thank you notes should be sent approximately 2-4 weeks after your graduation party.  If you procrastinate a bit, sending a thank you note after the 4 week time period is acceptable – in other words, better late than never.  Just be sure that you do send them out, as you want to be sure that everyone knows what a fine and sophisticated graduate you are!

Our graduation stationery features a variety of styles, patterns and designs to coordinate with your personal style and to match your graduation party theme.  You can choose a thank you note that matches your graduation party invitation or something completely different…the choice is yours.  If you purchased graduation invitations from our large graduation collection and want to create a matching set for your graduation stationery, find the coordinating thank you note by re-clicking on your graduation invitation.  Each item has an “Other items you may like” section which will suggest return address labels or thank you notes that match your party invitation.  If you don’t see anything that matches, be sure to email, call or message our experts and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for choosing something that matches your graduation invite.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can browse our entire graduation stationery collection which features a variety of styles to coordinate with your personal style.  Choose from thank you notes that display your school colors or graduating year, or maybe a patterned graphic that coordinates with your party colors.  We have girly graduation stationery in pink and purple which feature looks-like-me designs of graduates, caps and gowns or career profession thank you note themes.  If you’re heading a college or university in the fall, be sure to check out our collegiate stationery items, which work great for high school seniors that just graduated, as it shows your recipient your excitement about your new educational institution in the fall.  They’ll be sure to know their graduation gift will go to great use as you further your education and career!  Collegiate stationery is also great for graduates graduating from college, while showing off their school pride for their alma mater.

Time to get writing, graduate!  Let your graduation party guests know how much you appreciated their special gift with this contemporary collection of graduation stationery!

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