Girls Night “IN” Invitations

Ever wonder how the pro’s do it back in the kitchen?  Looking for an excuse to get together with the girls without having to pay fifty dollars for a babysitter?  Well, follow this party idea and we’ve got you covered…with ideas, that is!

One of the newest fads for women’s parties nowadays is home chef parties, where you hire a personal chef to come into your home and cook for you and your friends.  The chef will bring all necessary ingredients to prepare a fabulous meal for you, and if you wish, they can even teach you how to make your own dish, so that you can learn a few tricks to the trade!  If you have a few friends that consider cooking as boiling water, putting a frozen pizza in the oven or calling for Chinese takeout, this may just be the perfect party for you!

Have the personal chef arrive a bit ahead of your party time so that they can begin to prepare your food, and go over any special requests or dietary needs.  Have a few cocktails prepared for sipping, as your guests arrive, along with a chef made hors d’oeuvre to pass around.  Once everyone has relaxed with a cocktail and an appetizer, invite everyone into the kitchen to begin learning to prepare your meal.  Make sure nobody ruins their outfit by having aprons available for all guests.  You might even want to let each guest take their apron home as a party favor to remember your fun party idea, each time they step into the kitchen!

Set the scene for your girls night “in” with one of our girls night party invitations.  We offer a variety of styles to coordinate with your unique party theme, like kitchen and cooking themed invitations which feature cooking utensils, pots, pans, recipe cards and kitchen scenes.  If you want to focus more on the girl-bonding part of the evening, you can shop our girly invitations which feature cocktails, pictures of friends hanging out in a group, high heel shoes, cupcakes and cocktails, makeup scenes, chic silhouettes or animal print.

Check out some of our favorite girl’s night “IN” invitations below and remember, no matter where you are hanging out, as long as your gal pals are by your side, you’re bound to have one heck of a time!

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