Chocolate & Ivory Wedding Invitations

Like leaves falling off the trees during the late year season, she fell deeply in love…

Calling all fall brides!  Now is the time to begin your search for the perfect wedding invitation, as your fall wedding is likely less than six months away!  Your invitations should be mailed to your guests about two and a half months before your event, and you will need a few weeks to address your invitation envelopes, which means summer makes the perfect time to choose your wedding invitation.  Remember to also allow a few weeks to order, proof and receive your wedding invitations, too!

One of the most popular wedding color combinations for the 2012 fall bride is chocolate and ivory…mixing the most traditional wedding color, (ivory), with one of the more modern wedding colors today, (chocolate).  The combination of these two crisp and clean colors gives off an essence of elegance and class, along with sophistication and style – and the perfect setting for your fall wedding!  As soon as your guests open your invitation envelope they will realize what a special and momentous even is ahead.

It was always amazing to me that once a bride’s wedding colors were picked, the rest of her wedding theme and ensemble soon fell into place and complimented one another.  Once you have chosen your wedding colors, begin the search for the perfect wedding invitation.  Our wedding invitation collection features a variety of themes and options to help you narrow down your search for the perfect ensemble.  You can browse our fall wedding invitations, chocolate wedding invitations or ivory wedding invitations to start.

The most popular wedding invitations tend to be pocket invitations, like the mocha pocket and ivory insert invitation you see there in the left corner, which is by Birchcraft Studios.  This particular invitation works great when you are sending guests multiple cards with wedding details, as the pocket conveniently holds your wedding reception card, response card, directions card or accommodations card, and helps your guest keep all of your wedding information organized with the side pocket folder.  This elegantly presented invitation is available in square or tall and thin vertical styles, and you can choose your own insert card colors or pocket colors.  Our other chocolate and ivory wedding invitations feature popular fall designs and patterns featuring fall leaves, sunflowers, chocolate satin ribbons, pine-cone branches and classic ivory cards with chocolate writing and subtle accent details.  Be sure that your invitation gives your guests a preview to the formality of your event, along with your wedding theme, as it will set the tone for your entire wedding event.

I created the above montage for our lovely chocolate & ivory wedding brides today, in hopes that it will give you a bit of inspiration for creating your own perfect wedding, exactly the way you envisioned it!  I found some great illustrations online that inspired me to create it, featuring an alternating tiered cake in ivory and chocolate, a wedding cake chocolate favor for your guests and a chocolate linen wedding reception with ivory napkin and chair details.  Dress your bridal party in chocolate tuxes and deep mocha dresses with slight ivory details popping through.  And remember that the ivory wedding gown is a popular couture trend we’re seeing for the modern bride, which brings back a vintage elegance with a modern style when compared to the traditional white wedding gown. Let your shoes match your dress and wedding style with an antique ivory lace, and be sure to heat things up with a chocolate and ivory garter for your wedding reception, (or after)!

Make your wedding a moment to remember for all guests and begin the memory with one of our fabulous chocolate wedding invitations, to create a little inspiration for your entire event!


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