Christmas in July Party Invitations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… And for many of us, it’s our favorite time of the year!  The family gatherings, buying gifts for family and friends, spreading that holiday spirit around to everyone you meet – we’re talking about Christmas, folks…in July!

I know what you’re thinking, and crazy as it sounds, one of our most popular July party themes is ‘Christmas in July‘.  It’s a shame that we only have one time during the year that we spend mending old fences, giving to charities, making the effort to get together with family and friends and spreading holiday spirit, and since 1933 we’ve made the holiday occur twice in the year with a Christmas in July themed party.

These unique parties typically involve a tropical holiday theme with Christmas light wrapped palm trees, Santa Hats and bikinis and ice-cold egg-nog milkshake drinks, (or cocktails)!  Have a mistletoe hung for guests as they arrive, ask guests to bring a fun summer gift for a Dirty Santa gift-swap game and invite everyone to bring a favorite holiday dish to share with the rest of the party guests…be it cookies, a side dish or maybe even a turkey.  Decorate your party area with tropical themed Christmas trees, candy garland and tropical garland on your stairwell.  Keep everything holiday themed, but with a touch of summer flare.  It’s a really fun party theme  that will have your guests guessing, as soon as they receive your party invitation.

Christmas in July parties are great for summer parties, bridal shower themes or family reunion themes…and we’ve got some great tropical holiday party invitations to help you set the scene for your festive party idea!  Our Christmas in July party invitations feature beach scenes with a flamingo walking on a deserted beach, (wearing a wreath necklace and a Santa hat, of course), or our jolly palm tree card which features four palm trees wrapped in a tangle of Christmas lights on a festive beach.  If you’re looking for something a bit more comical to coordinate with your funky party theme, try our Tropical Santa invitation which features a tropical Santa Clause Vegas themed sign reading “Marilyn and Brian’s Tropical Escape”.  Or, if subtle is key, try our beach blanket holiday party invitation which features appropriate red, green, tan and linen-looking stripes in a border frame, along with coordinating multicolored and different fabric ribbons that match the border stripes…perfect for a more formal Christmas in July party invitation!

Check out some of our great Christmas in July party invitations below and share your party ideas with us!  We’d love to hear how you added a little spirit of the holiday season to your summer soiree!

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