Fiesta Party Invitations

Grab a bat and take a swing…you never know what surprises may be inside!  We’re talking pinatas of course, which are an essential part of any fiesta party!  If you’re tired of the same old backyard family gatherings, spice things up a little bit with a Mexican fiesta themed party…after all, it is the season of heat!

A Mexican fiesta is a great theme for a variety of parties, from bridal shower events to adult birthday parties, family gatherings, Cinco de Mayo parties or corporate parties.  Fiestas are one of the most easiest parties to plan, and they give you a gorgeous color palette for decorating!  Set the scene for your fiesta party with vibrant red table cloths and then jazz it up with hot yellow, pink, lime green or bright blue napkins, plates and silverware.  Decorate your party area with colorful lanterns that you can string about, and be sure to hang a colorful pinata from the tree out back, (filled with candy, trinkets and chocolate, of course)!

Getting thirsty?  Nothing goes better with Mexican food than a Corona or Dos Equis.  Or if frozen is your thing, concoct your own margarita, or a fruit flavored margarita with a salt or sugar rim!  Just be sure to prepare non-alcoholic margs too for the youngins and non-drinkers.  When thinking about what type of dish to prepare, the simple the better…and the best thing about Mexican dishes is that they are large and feed many guests at a time!  Think about having your own do-it-yourself taco or fajita bar if you’ll be serving dinner.  Or, make a huge dish of enchiladas.  Remember to have plenty of chips and queso on hand – and don’t forget the salsa!  For dessert, entice your guests with Mexican ice cream,a churro treat or a cake with fiesta flare and decoration.

Set the scene for your fiesta party with a Mexican fiesta party invitation that makes your guests want to bring their maracas and sombreros!  Our fiesta invitations are fun, sassy, spicy and trendy with a variety of styles depending on the reson for your Mexican fiesta celebration.  Choose from fiesta bridal shower invitations with couples wearing traditional Spanish clothing, fiesta place settings and formal fiesta designs in watercolor.  If the party is where it’s at, and you expect things to heat up a bit, try one of our crazy fiesta invitations that feature Spanish prints, collections of Mexican cocktails and beer, margarita invitations, chili peppers, maracas, cacti, guitars and chips and salsa.

Tell your guests to bring the salt and the lime, and you’ll take care of the tequila and food as you turn the heat up at your next party event!  Take a look at some of our favorite fiesta party invitations below and you won’t even need to put hot sauce out on the table – Ole!

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