Wording Your Wedding Invitation

It can be a very sticky situation when trying to word your wedding invitations properly, and believe it or not, the exact way you word your wedding invitations indicates to your guests exactly who is hosting, (paying), for the wedding.  Traditional etiquette dictates that only the names of those who are paying for the wedding should be written on the wedding invitation, other than the bride and groom, of course.  Thus if you wanted to include the groom’s parent’s names on the invitation as a courtesy, however they aren’t hosting your wedding, they should not be included – and not to worry, they will be honored at your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, etc.

The most traditional form of listing the hosts’ names on your wedding invitation, would be to have the hosts invite the guests to the event, and put the hosts’ address as your return address.  For example…

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Martin
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Carolyn Marie
Mr. Jonathan Michael Edwards

If your wedding is formal, be sure to use the proper titles for your parents and the groom including “Mr.” or “Mrs.”  Remember that the bride does not need to list her last name unless it is different from her parents.

If the bride’s parents are both hosting, yet they are divorced, both parents will be listed however on separate lines, and not connected by the word “and”, as this would otherwise signify marriage.  For example…

Mrs. Caroline Hunter
Mr. Charles M. Edwards

request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Carolyn Marie Edwards
Mr. Jonathan Michael Mills

If the bride and groom are hosting their own wedding, they would thus be the “hosts” of their own wedding, and thus would be the only names written on the invitation, and would act as the inviting party.  Remember, it is also very common to use “along with their families” if the bride and groom want to involve everyone in the invitation of their special day – which also works great when adjoining two families into one.  For example:

Caroline Marie Edwards
Michael John Warren
request the honor of your presence
as they unite in marriage


Caroline Edwards & Michael Warren
along with their loving families
invite you to celebrate their marriage

Remember that traditional wedding etiquette is simply a guideline and not a hard fast rule – take everything into consideration and make your own judgements and considerations based on what makes you comfortable…and how you feel your family will feel.  The most important thing is that your special day’s details are clearly noted in your wedding invitation so that all guests can easily plan to attend your big day!


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