Wedding Proposal Etiquette

Whether you’re getting ready to propose, getting ready to be proposed to, or just enjoy great engagement stories, we all know that women have their preferences when it comes to men popping that fabulously famous question, “Will you marry me?”.

Most women say that the #1 faux pas when proposing is doing so with no ring. While it’s hard to believe that some men would even dream of showing up without a ring, it has happened before. Here are some interesting facts about the history of the engagement ring to back up the fact that these little accessories are a tried and true symbol of love:

  • The tradition of wearing an engagement ring began in Ancient Egypt and was used to symbolize a never-ending bond between the couple.
  • Rings were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because Ancient Egyptians believed that it contained a vein that lead directly to the heart.
  • While the Egyptians started the tradition, it didn’t stick. Diamond engagement rings weren’t typically given until the 1930s.

So, now that everyone knows that rings are a must in this situation, how does one go about proposing? Even though it’s difficult to trace bended-knee proposals throughout history, kneeling is often considered a sign of respect – whether it’s receiving a medal or award, kneeling during religious ceremonies or bowing down to surrender during war. According to statistics, 49% of women say it’s absolutely essential to propose on bended knee. So, men – it’s a sign of respect to get down on one knee!

What’s said during a proposal is often going to stick with the woman being proposed to. It should be a summary of all the things true and great in a relationship, and a promise to endure and find happiness in tough times in the years to come. 68% of women remember what was said during the proposal, so we’re assuming the other 32% are just too captivated by their gorgeous rings to recall what their significant other professed.

Choosing what’s going to be said may hinge on where you decide to pop the question. Since only 10% of women say they would want to be proposed to at a sporting event, a quiet place (somewhere far away from a sports arena) is an ideal location. But – there are a few women out there that will enjoy the attention, and actually may like being proposed to in a louder place. It’s up to the fellow to decide.

No matter what, women – 88% to be exact – feel that the “surprise factor” is important when proposing. Whether it’s a small surprise or a large bombshell, it’s necessary it comes from out of the blue to get that “wow” factor.

After all is said and done, a proposal is a truly magical event in people’s lives. 83% of women say that they loved the way their man proposed and wouldn’t change a thing.

When the pressure and planning of the proposal is finished, it’s time for the wedding preparation to begin. Whether you’re simply shopping for wedding invitations with your significant other or choosing a DJ for the wedding, it’s crucial to treasure each and every moment along the way.


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