Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

Could you wait until your baby was born to find out their gender?  I don’t know if I could…but it seems to be an increasingly popular trend for expecting parents nowadays – and what an exciting moment it will be when the big day arrives and you find out if your family will be adding pink or blue into the mix!

What encourages parents keep their baby’s gender a surprise?  I did a bit of reasearch on the topic and found some really fun reasons why keeping your baby’s gender a surprise is so popular!  Read on and see if it might inspire you to ask your doctor to keep it a secret at your next ultrasound!

-Save money before the baby is born – believe it or not, once you know the sex of your baby, your entire nursery will be filled in pink or blue as you grown more and more excited for that gender’s arrival.  If you wait until the baby is born, you’ll  be less likely to go crazy shopping before your baby’s birth.

-Keep the motivation up to push – Excited to see if it’s a boy or a girl?  Mom will keep pushing hard as she awaits to find out if she’s carrying a baby boy or a baby girl.

-Reuse for baby # 2 – If you plan on having multiple children, buying gender neutral nursery decor and clothing items for your baby is a great idea, as you can reuse all of your items for your next child.

-Base your decor on baby’s personality – Maybe your newborn lights up at the sight of a safari animal, or maybe she looks adorable in purple.  Some parents wish to wait until the baby is born to shop around so that their baby’s personality can inspire them.

-Reduce the amount of gender-specific gifts – What if you are having a girl and you dispise pink?  Or, maybe you’re having a boy and blue just isn’t for you!  Some parents get bombarded with gender specific gifts when they just need practical onesies, bottles and baby furniture.

-Incorrect ultrasound – It’s not nearly as common as it used to be, but sometimes it does happen where the doctor is wrong, and a baby girl turns out to be a baby boy, or vice versa!  What would you do with a frilly pink nursery if your newborn baby turned out to be a boy?  Five percent of baby genders given prior to birth are incorrect.

Has your friend or family member chosen to have their baby’s sex a surprise?  It might seem like planning a gender neutral baby shower can be a hard task, but actually, it can really be quite fun – and you’re not tied down to any specific colors or theme!  You can keep your colors baby-friendly with pastels in shades of green, yellow and lavender or do a mix of pink and blue as the baby could be either.  Think of interesting baby shower themes like Noah’s Ark, jungle animals, baby pea in the pod or rubber duckies!  Think of fun decorating ideas like cake pops with surprise cake colors inside to coincide with your surprise baby gender theme, or make a diaper cake filled with baby necessities.

Set the scene for your shower with a gender neutral baby shower invitation that makes it clear to guests that the parents-to-be are not sure if they’re having a boy or a girl.  We offer an abundant selection of gender neutral invitations that feature everything baby!  Choose from green, chocolate, yellow, pale purple, charcoal or teal patterned and colored baby shower invitations.  Our invitation designs feature baby prams and strollers, expecting parents-to-be, expecting silhouettes, gifts and presents, baby toys, cribs and diaper cakes – all with a gender neutral theme.

Check out some of our amazing gender neutral shower invitations below and make her baby shower special – it all begins with a special baby shower – and it all ends with the birth of the baby boy or girl-to-be!

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