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3D and 3D Animated Photo Gifts by Snapily

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Let’s face it, one way or another, it always seems like we’re copying some trend or showing up to work or school wearing the same outfit as someone else…and we all know that being original matters!  Our newest product line will help you showcase your unique individuality and will certainly help you to stand out whether you’re giving someone a special gift or celebrating a milestone event.

Introducing our newest vendor…Snapily.  Snapily is a company that offers one-of-a-kind 3D and 3D photo animated gifts that you won’t find in your typical mom and pop stationery shoppe.  They use unique 3D technology to turn designs on everyday items into 3D masterpieces that literally pop off of the page, and 3D animation to switch your two favorite digital photographs back and forth using the slightest movement of your hand.  Best part?  No 3D glasses are needed!

So what types of products can you expect to see with this unique collection of 3D gifts?  For one-of-a-kind gift items, Snapily offers 3D backpack tags which come with a bright blue clip to attach onto your child’s backpack for school.  They also have 3D notebooks which showcase a fun cartoon or patterned design, along with your digital photograph – great for making learning fun and standing out in the class.  They also offer 3D and photo animated bookmarks so that you can think of your special gift-giver every time you turn a page in your favorite book.  Don’t forget about our 3D six-inch rulers, too!

If showcasing a photo of your loved one is in store, we have 3D photo frames which help you capture a special moment in time. Shop our 3D frames which feature seasonal, special interest and pattern designs.  We also offer 3D & motion photo cards and 3D photo greeting cards which will catch the eye of your recipient the moment they open their invitation or card envelope.  No more tossing of invitations guys – trust me – your guests will ‘fridge-up’ your 3D card and be talking about it for weeks to come!

As everyone knows, you only get one first impression.  For those who regularly network, we offer one-of-a-kind 3D business cards, too, which take your photograph, business logo or career theme and turn it into a 3D or motion animated masterpiece.  Great for architects, writers and even parents who want to use them as social networking cards!  Choose one of Snapily’s designs, or upload your own!

Ready to take a peek at the entire Snapily 3D gift item collection?  Check out a few items below or head to our website which will show you the amazing 3D and photo animated options online!