Introducing: My Own Pet Balloons

Raise your hand if every time you take your child into the grocery store they beg and plead with you to get them one of the balloons floating at the checkout counter – been there, done that!  Or, maybe your child has been asking you for a pet for a very long time and it’s just not in your budget or family plan at the time being.  Our newest vendor has taken two of children’s favorite things, balloons and pets, and turned them into one fabulous toy and party decoration that can’t be beat!

Introducing My Own Pet -a one of a kind vendor who has created this innovative collection of helium pet balloons!  They look like real pets and best of all, they are made out of a neutrally buoyant material which makes them float low to the ground, so that you’ll never have to worry about your child’s balloon floating away or popping on the ceiling anymore!  Each balloon pet comes with a leash and crinkle legs/paws and feet which allow your child to walk their balloon pet around, just like they would a real pet!

These balloon pets are perfect as a gift for your child’s birthday or maybe even a party favor for each child attending your kid’s party.  You can even purchase a bunch of balloon pets as party decorations, which works great for kids birthday parties with a farm animal, safari animal or pet theme.

Our My Own Pet balloons come in a variety of your child’s favorite animals including cats, dogs, horses, dinosaurs, frogs, penguins and bugs.  Our farm animal balloons feature ducks, cows, chickens and deer. Our safari animals feature panda bears, giraffes, zebras and elephants.  Our most popular dog pet balloons feature some of the most popular dog breeds around from saint bernards to toy poodles, pugs, terriers, shiba inus, golden retrievers, welsh corgis and pointers.

Bring your child’s imagination to life with this fun and one-of-a-kind collection of kids balloon gifts.  It will give your child not just hours, but days of fun – and makes an amazing party decoration!

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