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Divorce Party Invitations

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Here at InvitationBox, we mostly focus on happy events, from birthdays to birth announcements and wedding invitations.  But sometimes life happens and we find outselves in the middle of a difficult time, or maybe even a divorce, as scary as that sounds!  This weekend, I was invited to a divorce party and I knew I just had to share this with our bloggers.

What on earth is a divorce party?!  Well, apparently it’s a party hosted by your friends to celebrate the divorcee’s newfound single freedom, which typically follows a long, drawn-out or difficult divorce, when both parties are equally happy walking in separate directions.  Perhaps you’re walking away from a bad marriage, or you both just grew apart.  Whatever the reason, you need to be surrounded by love and support, of course!  All in all, a divorce party is basically a toast to the divorcee’s new fresh start ahead, filled with best wishes from loving family and friends!

So what exactly should you expect if you’re invited to a divorce party?  If the subject of divorce is light, you might expect a wild and crazy “single” night out on the town with all of the divorcee’s best friends.  From dinner to bar hopping or a party bus, the possibilities are endless.  Some divorce parties even report that they create a black cake with a broken bride and groom on the top – (we seriously suggest you make sure the honoree has a sense of humor about their divorce, though)!   Some guests will create divorce rings for everyone to wear and bring a ring coffin for your old wedding ring.  If the mood is rather serious, you might want to do a wine tasting or intimate wine night at home, with lots of pick-me-up movies and thing to help take the divorcee’s mind off of the situation.

Set the scene for your divorce party with a divorce party invitation from our invitation collection. Some of the most popular divorce party invitations we see are our cocktail party invitations, which let your guests know they’re in for a wild and crazy ride.  Choose a cocktail invitation in the city, or a sophisticated martini invite.  If summer is the season, or the pool is where the party is held, try one of our summer cocktail invitations or one of our tropical cocktail party invitations.  We also have adult party invitations with groups of friends celebrating, bus tickets for a wild traveling theme through marriage, or themed party invitations which capture a bit of your activities for the evening.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure that everyone is on board and instead of playing up the “end of marriage” celebrate the start to a new life, a new beginning and make this night the first memory of many good memories to come!