Meal Choices on Reply Cards & Place Cards

When hosting a wedding or a formal event with a sit-down dinner, it can be difficult to find out what each guest would like to eat, if you are offering them multiple dinner options, especially when some guests have specific dietary restrictions.

One of the most popular ways that brides are collecting these preferences from guests, is to list entree choices on their reply cards, to which a guest will check off which entree they would prefer when responding to the event.  Meal choices can be descriptive if you have a larger reply card available, or be very simple by listing simply “___beef / ___chicken / ___vegetarian”.  Listing a shorter description or a general description can also be helpful if you don’t know exactly which beef or chicken dish you’ll be serving yet…and this way guests won’t be expecting filet mignon, and receiving a NY Strip.

Once you have collected all of your reply cards, you’ll have a good idea of how much of each dish your caterers will need to prepare.  Then becomes the issue of how to inform your servers of which guest has selected which entree option.  The most traditional way to do this is to provide your caterer with a list of assigned seating along with each guest’s meal choices.  However, if you feel this may become a hassle for your servers, creating your own “secretly coded” place cards is a great idea.  A great idea is to color-code your place cards, to which you can coordinate with your meal choices and wedding/event colors.  For example, if your wedding has the colors black and aqua, with white linens, you can have back place cards for guests that chose beef, aqua place cards for guests who chose chicken and white place cards for those who selected seafood or vegetarian.  Or, create a special motif on each place card which shows the server which entree is for which guest.  There’s lots of creative ways to pull everything off smoothly, without your guests having any idea how you did it!

One of my favorite place cards is the one shown in the top left corner, by Checkerboard.  This fun place card is actually in the shape of a cut-out orange hibiscus flower, which features a slit in the bottom so that you can hang the place card from each guest’s drink!  Perfect for a tropical event, you can hand write each guest’s name on the place card, and you can always add a motif or a marking to the back so that your servers know which meal to serve each guest.  This fun place card is perfect for a destination wedding.

Create organization and a calm bride and make everything go smoothly at your reception or corporate event with one of our response cards or fun place cards.  Remember, nothing is pre-printed on our cards, thus you can create your card exactly as you wish!

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