Adult Bounce House Party Invitations

Who says bounce houses are only for kids?  A customer of ours placed an order today for an adult bounce house party, and we all were so jealous of this customer and the amazing party she had planned for her husband’s 30th.  Remember how fun it was to be a kid, carefree and ready to bounce and play?  Do you ever get jealous when your kids get to go to these types of parties?  I know I do!

One of the newest trends in adult birthday parties is an adult bounce house party.  These  special bounce houses are made specifically to withstand adult weight, and some rental agencies will allow you to rent a bounce house for a day, and others have a facility you can actually go to, to participate.  Just remember, you might want to plan a day of rest afterwards – when was the last time your adult body bounced around a padded room for hours on end?  We expect sore muscles will follow your fun party!

When planning your party, be sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks on-hand for your guests so that nobody runs out of fuel while jumping, (just keep the booze to a minimum, because nobody want to clean up a pukey mess inside the bounce house)!  Be sure to remind your guests to wear appropriate exercise/jumping clothing and to bring their own socks, which is typically required.  You will also need a large space available if you are renting your own bounce house.  Be sure to also have a camera handy!

Set the scene for your adult bounce house party with a bounce house invitation to entice your guest, (trust me, everyone will likely attend this one)!  We offer guy and girl bounce house party invitations featuring pastel bounce houses for women and primary colored bounce houses for men.  Choose from a variety of bounce house invitation styles, whether it’s a bounce house water slide or a giant ball pit!  Remember that we also offer coordinating stationery, thank you notes and stickers in case you want to create your own bounce house ensemble for your event.

Check out some of our favorite bounce house invitations below and get creative for your next event.  Make it a party that EVERYONE will want to attend!

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