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Personalize Your Office – Stationery Wardrobes

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Maybe you’re just jotting down a note during a meeting, writing a “while you were out” message to a co-worker or boss or simply needing a place to jot down a name or phone number while on the phone with a client – whatever the reason, even with technology as amazing as it is, it always seems that we need to find a scrap piece of paper whether we’re at work, at home or on-the go.

For today’s modern career professional, we have an amazing collection of stationery wardrobes which work great for your desk at your office or as a compliment to your home office or kitchen counter.  The typical Target style stationery is great, but it’s so generic – we love these stationery wardrobes as they’re personal, professional and stylized – just like you.  Our most popular stationery wardrobes are manufactured by Embossed Graphics, which offer a complete line of wardrobes, thank you notes and stationery for daily use and correspondence…I even have one on my desk here at InvitationBox!

The best part about these wardrobes is that you’re able to personalize each one with your monogram, name, contact information, email address, phone number or a company slogan.  You can choose your ink color and your font style on some of the pads, too!  Many of the wardrobe sets include a classy holder which keeps all of your notepads together in a convenient location for your office.  We also have stationery wardrobes that include different sized and designed note cards, thank you notes and calling cards, which is great for personal AND office use.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite and best-selling personalized stationery wardrobes, be it notepads, thank you notes or personalized calling cards.  Remember that we offer these items with flat printing, thermography and embossing, all at a convenient price ranging from $22.95 to $55.95.  Go the extra mile and be professional and personalized at home and the office with one of our classy, chic and fun collection of personalized stationery wardrobes!