NEW Return Address Labels – Holiday & Everyday

Remember how fun it was as a kid to play with stickers?  Especially the Lisa Frank stickers that had all of the bright pink, purple, yellow and green colors with the crazy wild leopards, cats and animals?  You know who you are, (and I was totally there too, as a child).  It was so fun to put stickers on your school papers, envelopes for letters or maybe even organize them into your own sticker book.

Yes, stickers were awesome, and we know you agree too, because stickers are one of the most popular add-on items that customers choose when ordering invitations, holiday cards and stationery items.  They transform a simple, plain, and let’s face it – boring, envelope into a really fun, cute and coordinated envelope to brighten up your recipient’s mail, and it makes your correspondence stick out from the pile of bills, too!

Our round and square stickers can be used for a variety of purposes, to help make party planning easy, coordinated and fun. Use them as return address labels for the back of your party envelopes, a favor sticker to put on goody bags or bake sale items or as a sticker for your child’s school belongings to make sure nothing gets lost.  At home, we use’s personalized kid stickers for each of our kids snack bags, so that nobody gets confused on whose snack is whose.  They can truly be used for whatever you can think of!

Our newest return address label and round sticker designs feature patterns and designs from some of your favorite invitations and stationery featuring animal print, little black dress invitations, Halloween and autumn designs just in time for fall, cocktail stickers, barbeque stickers, baby shower stickers, wedding and bridal stickers and so many more!  If you can dream it, you can stick it with hundreds of different designs. No more boring envelopes  – jazz up your next party invitation or stationery envelope with a sticker from our eclectic collection!

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