Kids Rule the World! Superhero Invitations

What’s that up in the sky…it’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s Super Kid!  There’s so much hype right now about the brand new Spider Man movie that just hit theaters last week, and if I know kids these days, I am pretty sure we’ll be seeing some strong inspiration from kids to become the next big superhero!  Maybe the kids play superhero at home, run nuts all over the house pretending their Hulk or run secret spy missions like their favorite hero.  Whatever the reason, we understand that superheros are super popular with kids nowadays, and we’ve got you covered with the cutest superhero invitations and superhero stationery items, just in case your child wants to have a superhero party!

So, what type of superhero party are you planning for your own little superhero?  You can ask your guests to come dressed as their own superhero, or have the kids create and make up their own superhero at the party.  What superhero power would you choose if you could do anything in the world?  Would you fly?  Become invisible?  Let the kids at the party create their own special hero.

Our superhero party invitations will set the scene for an adventure-filled party that can’t be beat!   Choose from our looks-like-me superhero invitations, which feature Caucasian and African American scenes of boy superheros with black, brunette and blonde hair, dressed in a blue and red superhero suit with a fun red cape and goggles.  Pair it with a matching superhero sticker or thank you note and you’ve got an amazingly cool superhero set!  The superhero kid party invitation clip you see in the left of our blog today is taken from an adorable superhero card by Paper so Pretty which features a purple haired superhero flying over the city!  Perfect for Moms and kids who live in a big city like New York or Chicago.

Are you a big fan of Spider Man or Batman?  We also have an adorable superhero card called Super Friends, by Picture Perfect, which features characters that your kids have known and loved for years, along with their pet superhero dog, of course!

Check out all of our super-fun, super-hero adventure invitations and create your own crazy and world-saving adventure for your little superhero’s next big birthday!

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