Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

You’ve been planning for months and your big day is just one night away.  How on earth will you calm your pre-wedding day nerves?  The day before your wedding, you might want to spend the day at the spa or surrounded by friends.  Most brides then have a rehearsal which is held by your Priest, officiant or a friend of the family at a church or your wedding vendor to iron out any kinks for your upcoming ceremony.  Practice makes perfect, so make sure that everyone can attend, including everyone in the wedding party and parents of the bride/groom, etc.

It is traditional for the groom’s parents to host a rehearsal dinner following the ceremony rehearsal, the night before your big day.  The bride’s family may host this event if you prefer, however as the bride’s family traditionally hosts the wedding, the groom’s family typically hosts this event.  You can choose a casual back-yard and laid-back atmosphere for your rehearsal dinner, which is great to calm the bride and groom’s last-minute pre-wedding nerves.  Or, you can always go with a lavish celebration at a restaurant or hall – just make sure you don’t upstage or outshine the actual wedding!  Remember, your rehearsal dinner can coordinate with your wedding, or it can be themed and be totally different.  Have the hosts of your rehearsal dinner talk their ideas over with the bride and groom and make the party something everyone will enjoy.  I have even seen hosts do a college themed rehearsal dinner (go Pack), if the bride and groom met in college.

Once you have chosen a rehearsal dinner theme or venue, set the scene for your evening with a rehearsal dinner invitation that coordinates with your event, be it informal and laid back or chic, classy and elegant.  Choose from our formal place setting invitations, silverware invitations, floral damask borders or a themed invitation featuring a fiesta invitation, an outdoor patio, a seafood boil or a beach themed invitation.  Whatever your style; whatever coordinates with the bride and groom’s unique couple personality, we’ve got you covered with chic rehearsal dinner invitations to prepare the bride and groom for their last nights single.

At your rehearsal dinner, be sure to invite your wedding party and anyone who attended your wedding rehearsal.  Some couples often choose to also invite their out of town guests to attend the rehearsal dinner (not the rehearsal), so that they have a nice meal waiting for them as they come into town.    Make it a night to remember with a rehearsal dinner that sets the scene for the day ahead, which will change their lives for ever.

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