CREEPY Halloween Party Invitations

Ready for a fright?  Pretty soon the ghosts will be coming (or creeping) out for Halloween night!  I’ve never been one to host a Halloween party, however I am definitely always ready to find the perfect costume when I am invited to one!  Maybe you host an annual Halloween bash, or you’re just looking for another great excuse to get together with friends early this fall.  Or, maybe you’re just out for blood!  Whatever the reason, we have the perfect adult Halloween party invitations to help you set one amazingly scary scene for your upcoming Halloween event!

I think some of our coolest Halloween invitations this year have to be our most creepiest designs.  There’s nothing  better than spooking your guests as they open your party envelope, or simply scaring them so much that they wouldn’t dare NOT come to your party!  Check out some of our new creepy Halloween party invitations below and learn a little bit more about why InvitationBox is your #1 source for all of your Halloween party needs this 2012 fall season!

Halloween Graveyard Invitation by IB Designs – Designed by our very own graphic designers at InvitationBox, this is one of my favorite Halloween invitations this year.  It’s utterly creepy with an eerie orange cloudy sky and a large grey moon on the left side, which sits as the backdrop behind a dark black graveyard with a fence in the front.  A black silhouette of a witch flies over the moon in the top left corner of the card.  Pair this creepy invitation with an equally creepy matching reply card or ghost over the moon sticker and you’ll have one Halloween set that your guests will never forget!

If You Dare Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Come if you dare!  This invitation design is actually from last year’s release, but it’s still a popular favorite upon all of our Halloween fanatics.  When you think of Halloween and what scares you the most, for me anyways, a dark skeleton always comes to mind!  This eerie yet somehow elegant invitation features an antique tan background with white streaks throughout, which almost looks like the paper has been folded.  The outer border of the card has an elegant damask pattern with an antique or vintage flare, and a black skeleton design adorns the right side of the card.  This invitation is available with a coordinating reply card and a very eerie and elegant round monogrammed label, which is perfect for envelope seals or return address labels.

Scare Crow Invitation by IB Designs – Another creepy invitation by IB Designs, this unique invite features a vibrantly eerie orange and red shaded background with piercing etch marks in the background making it look like it’s almost on fire!  The bottom of the invite is bordered with black grass and the left side of the card features a taunting scarecrow design in black which features a large jack-o-lantern head under a black witches hat.  To top it off, three black crows perch on the scarecrow’s arms, helping him look for his next prey.  Flip the card over to reveal a coordinating fiery back, too!

The weary be warned, these downright creepy Halloween invitations are not for the weak!  But we love it for a fantastic Halloween invitation!

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