Labor Day Invitations

Nothing reduces stress more than a day off from the pressures of everyday life in corporate America, right?!  Labor Day is a federal US holiday that is held the first Monday of September each year, which celebrates the contributions of hard workers here in the united states…both socially and economically.  In other words, it is an amazing Monday that gives US workers time with their family and friends and rewards us for the hard work we’ve done over the past year to provide for our families!

The holiday was introduced first in 1882 by Matthew Maguire who was a secretary for the CLU in NY and became an actual celebrated holiday by the great state of Oregon just five years later after a number of deaths in the military during the Pullman strikes.  Today labor day is celebrated widely across America and is marked as a day to symbolize the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn months, (and the last day to wear white, of course)!  Most labor day celebrators celebrate this day with a family and friends picnic, BBQ or party or simply enjoy the fact that they have a day off and a nice long 3-day weekend.  Celebrations include cocktails and beer, food, fireworks, water activities and public events to mark the end of the summer season.  Students will also be preparing to head back to school or college.

Thinking about hosting your own labor day celebration this year?  One of the most popular trends we’ve seen this year is the use of patriotic invitations for labor day, which is perfectly appropriate for celebrating the land of the free while enjoying a day off from work.  For those looking for patriotic invitations we offer fireworks invitations, red white and blue themes and American flag themes.  If patriotic isn’t your style for this holiday, consider a picnic invitation or BBQ themed invitation to set the scene.  Choose from our BBQ couple invitations, family gathering invitations, BBQ food invitations, grill invitations or traditional pig BBQ invitations.  We also have pool party invitations which is a great way to cool off and celebrate one last swim at the end of summer!

Below are some of our favorite labor day invitations that will help you set the scene for your labor day gathering!  From picnic invitations to BBQ invitations to pool parties and more, we’ve got you covered to set the scene for an amazing day off to celebrate your hard work over the past months!

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