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I’m sure you’ve heard it from your parents a million times – “Money doesn’t grow on trees!!”  And now, you probably repeat the same phrase to your kids, as they will do to theirs – but wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?!  Well, we can’t exactly make it “grow” on trees, but a popular trend in the bridal world today is to create a “Money Tree” for the bride-to-be.

So, what exactly is a money tree?  A money tree is a gift idea for brides and grooms who might not need to register for gifts from their guests.  Perhaps they have lived together for years and have enough sets of dinner wear, toasters and linens.  Or, they simply don’t want their guests purchasing multiples of items they already have purchased for their home.  Or, the bride and groom  may be financially planning to purchase a new home or need specific high-cost items that they wouldn’t ask for from a guest, but wouldn’t mind assistance from their guests in funding, rather than a traditional wedding or bridal shower gift.

So basically, a small tree is made, purchased or planted in a planter, to which guests will attach gift cards, money envelopes or literal money bills to the branches to create a money tree.  You can get creative and cute with it and dress the tree up with white or yellow strung lights and white bows to coordinate.  You can also give guests paper clips or tiny crystal clips to hold their monetary gift on the tree for display.  Place the tree on a table for the shower or wedding and watch it fill up as guests arrive.  The tree is then presented to the bride as her gift.

Remember, this is not a traditional way of giving gifts for a bridal shower or wedding – we suggest doing this for a young couple or a very modern couple – if you are very traditional and your guests are too, they might be offended by the request to ask for monetary gifts.  We suggest spreading word about the money tree via word of mouth by the parents of the bride or the bridal party.  Or, you may list “Money tree available” on your bridal shower invitation – but be prepared for some distaste by your guests. If you are having a money tree at your wedding – do not put this on your wedding invitation under any circumstances.

Think a money tree is for you – or have you created your own for a shower you hosted in the past?  Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with us to help the next bride plan her perfect shower!

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