Themed Party Invitations

Tired of the same old party themes and ideas, year after year?  Sometimes we’ve had enough of the typical fiesta party, pool party or black and white party, and we’re just in the mood for something different.  A party theme that makes your party invitations stand out to your guests, and a party theme that makes everyone get so involved with the party theme, they’ll be talking about it for years to come.  One of those, “Remember when we …” type of parties that can’t be beat – or that your friends ask you to host again and again!

One of the coolest things we have the opportunity of seeing while working at is all of the different party themes that our customers come up with!  From divorce parties to full-blown Vegas style events, you guys are always coming up with the coolest party ideas!  Sometimes we even have to create new invitations just to keep up with your chosen party themes!  Below we’ve compiled a quick list at some of our most unique party themes that will help keep your party modern, innovative, fresh and totally FUN for your guests to attend!

Decades – Do you have that one relative who is stuck in the 70’s groove or the 90’s grunge?  Next time they have a birthday turn back time and ask your guests to bust out their favorite 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s gear and be ready for a step into a time machine at your next party!  We have the coolest decade themed invitations which feature a variety of decades with juke boxes, disco themes, cassette tapes, leg warmers, feathered bangs, bell bottoms and more.  Bring back the child hood of your guests with this fun party theme!

Casino & Poker – Want to make it a full house?  Casino parties are great for adult birthday parties, bachelor parties or corporate gatherings and you can double the stakes with real money or fake – the choice is yours!  Set your party scenes by creating different game tables with black jack, texas hold ’em or russian roulette and sip swanky drinks like you would in a real Vegas casino!   Our casino invitations will help you double down your guest list with poker chip invitations, playing cards, suit patterns, rolling dice and more!

Board Games – Feeling a bit bored lately?  Turn “bored” into “board” with a party theme that really gets your guests involved.  Board game parties are new to the party scene, and are great for kids and adults.  If you have a bunch of games, you can set them up for guests to play, or ask your guests to bring their own games to play!  You can pair your guests up in two’s, four’s or more, depending on how many players are needed for each game.  Up the ante a little bit by creating a competition with the winner’s circle.  Feel free to provide little gag-gifts for the winners!

Around the World -Next stop – Paris!  There’s so many places we’d love to travel to, however our busy careers, lives and budget may prevent us from hopping on the next jet across the world.  If you’ve got a great circle of friends full of cultured and eclectic people, try a travel around the world party and use one of our boarding pass invitations to set the scene!  You can set up each room in your house with a different culture, country or city theme, and then coordinate your food and drink to coordinate with that specific location.  Guests can mingle about and socialize while absorbing information about new cultures – they’ll feel like they traveled the world after being at your event!

Movies – Action!  Everyone loves the movies, big or small.  Create a little drama with a movie themed invitation, whether you’re heading to the theater or creating your own action at home.  Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star, or a character from a favorite movie or TV show.  Cater your decorations to your movie theme, and be sure to send out a stellar movie invitation to literally set the scene!

Spa Day – Need to unwind a bit?  Whether you’ve been working around the clock lately, have a wedding to prepare for or simply need an excuse to get together with your girlfriends, the spa has become a common meeting place for teen and adult women.  Whether you’re headed out for a mani-pedi or looking for a whole day of pampering, a spa party is the perfect way to wash your cares and stress away with those who mean the most to you.  Meet at the spa or create your own and set the scene with one of our serene spa party invitations.


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