NEW Kids Party Invitations by Doc Milo

If there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that their likes, dislikes and minds change with the drop of a hat.  What was cool a month ago might not be what is cool now, and we know that on their birthday, they want to feel like the coolest kid around!

Doc Milo is one of our most popular manufacturers for trendy, fun and social invitations for kids and grownups!  It seems like they’re always coming out with the latest and greatest themed kids birthday party invitations, and their designs are fun, bright, vibrant and totally trendy – which is just perfect for your little one.

In our latest Doc Milo release, you’ll find all of the most popular kids party themes to help your child celebrate in a big with – with the cutest patterns, designs and graphics that truly represent your birthday boy or birthday girl.  For girls you’ll see cupcake invitations, bowling invitations, roller skating invitations and tea party invitations.  They also have adorable pool party invitations and princess party invitations which feature looks-like-me invitations which feature pool party kids and princesses with blonde, brown or black hair and also different nationalities!  Remember, for older children, we also have teen party invitations which are great for ages 13 and up, (and sweet sixteen birthdays), which feature trendy, chic and stylish girls celebrating their birthday in style!

For boys the new Doc Milo invitations feature pirate invitations complete with a pirate hat and sword, bowling invitations and male circus themed invitations.  If sports is where it’s at, we also have a looks-like-me rock climbing invite in blonde and brunette, as well as kids pool party invitations which are sure to make a big splash!

If your little one is not old enough to have their first big-boy or girl party, we do have adorable brand new birth announcements and first birthday party invitations which feature a brand new digital photograph line, which is great for creating memories and keepsakes, as well as informing your recipients of your new arrival or child’s birthday.

Check out the newest designs below and make your little one’s day extra special!

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