Lingerie Shower Invitations

Sexy.  Sweet.  Anything goes…we just want to knock the groom off his feet!  It’s growing increasingly popular for brides to turn away from the traditional at-home boring bridal shower and say hello to a sexy and sultry themed shower to bring out her wild side, (and prepare her for that honeymoon)!  That’s right, we’re talking lingerie showers.

A traditional bridal shower was great for helping the bride prepare for her marriage and fill her brand new home with things she’ll need from china to linens to kitchen utensils.  For today’s modern bride, she may very well have everything she’ll need before she heads down the aisle, or, she and the groom may have lived together for a few years before engagement.  Nobody wants three extra blenders, ten extra sets of china or one hundred gifts to return – so if your bride-to-be is anything but traditional, it’s the perfect time to get creative and think of a fun shower that will help her spice things up after she makes that journey down the aisle.

A lingerie shower is a great way to help the bride prepare for her honeymoon and the months after, and add a little sweet, sass and spice to her marriage…just make sure the bride is outgoing and comfortable with this type of bridal shower, as it can get a bit racy!

When planning your lingerie shower, decide if you want to have it at home as a full-on bridal shower event, or as a pre-shower to your bachelorette night.  Create a fun theme and atmosphere with hot pink and black accents with lacey table runners and create a bit of ambiance with candles, bath salts and linens strung about.  Play a few ice breaker games like pin the panties on the clothesline or have each guest decorate their own thong or bra to take home.  I have even heard of lingerie showers with a ‘toy specialist’ who shows up to give some great ideas to the bride and the party guests.

Set the scene for your lingerie shower with a sultry lingerie shower invitation that will let your guests know exactly what type of shower you are hosting.  Our newest and most popular lingerie shower invitations feature lacy bras, bridal nighties, brides in trench coats, naughty nighties hanging on a line, bath linens, garters, damask patterns, teddies, lingerie gift boxes and corsets.  Choose one that matches the bride’s style, and her favorite colors or wedding colors, and then carry this theme into your lingerie shower.  If the bride is comfortable with it being listed on the lingerie shower invitation, you can list the bride’s measurements or cup sizes to be sure that the bride’s gifts all fit.  Most brides list the cup size along with a S/M/L size.  This will help your guests select the most appropriate gifts for the bride-to-be.

Check out some of our newest lingerie shower invitations below and you’ll be making the groom say “ooh-la-la” on his wedding night!

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