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NEW Inviting Company Placemats

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

As a child it was my job to set the table every evening before dinner, and I remember my mother spending days teaching me the right place to place your napkin, fork, plate, knife and spoon.  It became such a second nature to me that I just figured that everyone set their table for dinner this way each night, and I remember going to a friends house as an adolescent and seeing her place the knives on the napkins and thinking, what on earth is she doing??  Doesn’t everyone know the proper way to set the table?

It turns out that everyone doesn’t know, or simply they don’t really care.  And in the end, as long as you’re eating a good meal with family or good friends, the location of your fork or knife really doesn’t matter, right?!  Right.  But never the less, I found this really cool table setting guideline today, and I thought it might be fun to share it with our readers so that maybe you can create a little ambiance at dinner tonight or later this week, and teach your kids the proper way to set a table for dinner or a special event.  It may come in handy later in life when planning a formal event or maybe even a wedding!

Below is the guideline for a formal place setting…

Now that I have you thinking about dinner tonight, why not spruce up your everyday table setting with one of our personalized placemats?  We introduced placemats to our website last year, and our placemat design collection has been growing ever since.  Our newest placemat designs are from Inviting Company and they feature a variety of kids placemats and adult placemats.  Their kids placemats feature fun designs that your little one will love to see at dinnertime each day, from monkeys to pirates, airplanes, cheerleaders, ballet shoes, guitars, gymnasts, football stars, mermaids, bicycles and fun kid patterns with polka dots, funky flowers, stripes, houndstooth designs and plaid.  For adults we have gorgeous mature placemats to coordinate with any home decor with beach and seashell themes, monogrammed initials, floral patterns, bamboo themes, animal print, fish, delicate stripe and damask patterns as well as abstract designs.  Each placemat can be personalized with your name, initials or a fun phrase in the font and font color of your choice and is laminated so that it is surface washable.

Check out some of the newest Inviting Company placemat designs below and decorate your family table with one of these laminated placemats from our fun collection!