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Back To School In Style – 3D School Essentials

Monday, August 6th, 2012

It’s that time of year again!  The pool will soon be closing and your days at home with your little ones are numbered.  The fact is, in just a few weeks you’ll be sending the kids off to school each morning, which means back to school shopping for essentials is right around the corner!

We know how important it is for your child to have the coolest new clothes, notebooks, book bag, pencils and sporting equipment so that they can start off the year fresh and on the right foot.  Our vendor Snapily has made back to school shopping ultra cool and ultra easy with their collection of back to school essentials that are just truly one-of-a-kind!  Each of their unique items features 3D photo animation or 3D designs to make your child stand out in the class.  From 3D bookmarks to 3D rulers, 3D notebooks, backpack tags and more – your kid is bound to be the coolest kid in the class!

Check out some of our favorite 3D back to school essentials and get a head start on all of your child’s back to school needs!

3D RulersLet’s face it, math can be a bit boring for some kids, or hard to get excited about.  With Snapily’s 3D rulers, your child will be so excited to use their new ruler, they won’t even think about the fact that they’re learning while they are using their new fun school item.  Each ruler features a 6 inch ruler on one side and a fun and bright 3D design on the other side.  Some rulers also feature 3D photos which switch back and forth as you tilt the ruler.  Designs feature flowers, animals, animal print, paisley designs, math equations, hearts, skull and crossbones, ice cream cones, deco art patterns and more!

3D NotebooksRemember when you used to write notes to your best friends in class in a cool top-secret notebook?  Or maybe you remember spending twenty minutes in the aisle at staples debating on which notebook for school was the coolest?  I always looked forward to picking out notebooks for school as a child, and now your child can too with this awesome 3D notebook that will make them the coolest kid around!  Snapily offers a couple of different styles of notebooks featuring a 3D design your own notebook where you can add your own photo and 3D graphics to your liking, a patterned 3D designed notebook, as well as switching photos using 3D animation.  Designs feature kid-friendly graphics with monsters, animals, flower power, ice cream, cupcakes and zigzags, and teen graphics with design your own notebooks, flower patterns, animal print, stripes, paisley patterns and deco art themes.

3D Backpack Tags – Remember as a child when you picked out the coolest backpack ever, only to learn on the first day of school that three other kids in your class also thought it was the coolest backpack?  So much for individuality, and now your child has to worry about making sure that they bring their backpack home each night, rather than someone else’s!  Make your child’s backpack easily stand out among the crowd with these 3D backpack tags.  Each tag features a fun 3D design on one side featuring a fun graphic, photo or 3D design and then the back can be personalized with “This bag belongs to:” with your child’s name, address, phone # or classroom if needed.  This is a great way to reinforce your child’s personal information about their home, phone etc.

Check out the above 3D back to school products and ALL that Snapily has to offer and make your kid jump right to the head of the class!