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Create Your Own Olympics – Sports Invitations

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Do you have Olympic fever?  If you’re like me, the Olympics have been a constant on your TV for the last week and a half…and you might even be tied to your phone if you’ve downloaded the new 2012 Olympics App to your phone.  If you’re getting inspired to hit the gym, do a few new dives in the pool or show off your running skills at the track, you’re one of the many!  Or, maybe the Olympics aren’t your thing and you’ve got football brain with the thought of the first pre-season football game starting on Thursday.  Whatever your reason for getting active and involved in sports, we’re with you, be it a golfing event, the start of football season or a trip to the pool after watching Michael Phelps win yet another gold metal.

One of the healthiest product lines that we offer at InvitationBox is our sports party invitations.  Our sports party invitations feature a variety of sports themes, based on your individual interests and lifestyle.  Choose from football invitations, bowling, baseball, golfing, horse racing and soccer invitations.  We also have collegiate sports party invitations which are great for the college alumnae or the college sports fanatic planning a gathering for a big game, or a sports themed party.

Sports invites work great for kids birthday party themes, whether your little slugger wants to hit balls at the batting cage or race around the racetrack like their favorite Nascar driver.  We also have more mature invitations with avid pro golfers which are great for bachelor parties, corporate events and men’s adult birthday party invitations.  For the girls we have gymnastics invitations, ballet invitations and yoga inspired invitations.  Football fanatics also won’t be disappointed with our collection of football invitations which are sure to create some drama and amp up some good old fashioned competition.

Check out some of our favorite sporting invitations and make your next party a touchdown!