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Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

We don’t need a lesson about the birds and the bees.  We all know it takes two to create, start and support a family, and more and more often nowadays the daddy-to-be is recognized as just as much a part of pregnancy as the mommy-to-be is – which he should be.  So why is it, exactly, that only the mommy-to-be is showered during her pregnancy?  Shouldn’t he have a say in what color his son or daughter’s nursery is, or spend time with the people who will be showering his baby with gifts?

We thought so too, and so many others are thinking the exact same thing!  It’s time to embrace our modern times and celebrate both of the parents-to-be as they embark on a journey into parenthood together – and it all starts with a couple’s baby shower to help prepare the new family for their upcoming baby boy or girl-to-be!

Traditional baby showers were all about women as they were traditionally girls-only events, so if you’re planning a couple’s baby shower, or a coed baby shower, you might want to consider the fact that men will be attending when thinking of decorations, games, ice-breakers or themes.  Coed showers are typically a bit smaller than a normal baby shower, and you may have a few less frilly games or accents, like making a bow into a hat, measuring the mommy-to-be’s belly or smelling candy from a diaper.  The shower is more focused on family and celebrating the happy couple’s upcoming arrival.  Plan amazing food and a fun laid-back atmosphere.

Here are some great tips for planning your own coed baby shower…

  • Make sure men are at the shower! When planning your event, be sure that there are enough men invited and attending the shower – whether this means inviting the men from your family, making sure your girlfriend brings her boyfriend or the dad-to-be’s best friends are attending.
  • Make your couple’s baby shower invitation man-friendly – When choosing the perfect couples shower invitation, cut down a bit on the pastels, purples and pinks or the frilly “there’s a bun in the oven” talk.  Keep your baby shower invitation about the baby, but more couple focused, and make sure your guests understand that both men and women are invited!  No guy wants to be the only man at the shower outside of the dad-to-be.
  • Skip the games! An ice breaker game or two can be fun, but too many can seem overwhelming for some guests, male or female!  If you feel games are a must, choose something that everyone can enjoy or take turns giving advice from your friends and family members that are already parents.
  • Open gifts together – When you decide to open your gifts, open them as a team or take turns opening different gifts.  Make sure you both thank each of your guests together for the gifts.
  • Make the food great – Everyone knows part of the key to a great party is the food!  Whether you make food to coordinate with your party theme or just serve up some of the parents-to-be’s favorites, amazing party food is always a crowd pleaser!

Planning your own coed event?  Check out some of our favorite couple’s baby shower invitations below and get ready for a fun-filled shower with everyone included!