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NEW Notepads by Noteworthy Collections

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Sometimes it feels like I’m always on the run, doing ten things at the same time – whether it’s grabbing a pop tart and running out the door so that I make it to work on time, rushing the kids off to multiple sports practices or trying to finish a long-term project for school or work.  Let’s face it, we live in a society where multi-tasking is a daily job, and even when we take a moment to relax, we’re still brainstorming the next day’s activities, the grocery list for tonight or how we can better manage our finances.

If there’s one thing that helps me stay focused and organized throughout my busy family life and career, it’s making lists and writing everything down.  If I write something down, there’s no way I can forget it, and it’s like one little extra step to engrave the task or list for the day into my brain.  Jotting down your lists, thoughts, goals and notes is a great way to organize and pull your life together, but doing it on a boring old white piece of paper doesn’t exactly make life exciting.

Noteworthy Collections has come out with a fun personalized notepad update, which has introduced over 100 different designs to our notepad collection.  This way, when you’re making a list for the day or the grocery store, jotting down notes while in a meeting, writing a note to the kids for after school or to the babysitter, you’re actually enjoying it!  Each notepad is vibrant, modern and personalized just for you so that you can show off that unique personality at home, the office or wherever it is that you do what you do!

Each notepad features 150 loose sheets of paper which neatly fit inside a clear, durable, acrylic holder for safe keeping.  Personalize each pad with your name, company title, contact information or your monogrammed initial(s).  The newest designs feature feminine patters with damask prints, polka dots, pinched frames, floral patterns, funky stripes, animal print and more.  We also have new designs for men featuring nautical themes, patriotic stripes, bold stripes, pinstripes and houndstooth patterns.

Personalize your world with one of these brand new personalized notepads from Noteworthy Collections!