Sleepover Party Invitations, Games & Ideas

Every kid, pre-teen and teen loves a good sleepover party…girl talk, music, dancing, games, secrets, talking about boys, popcorn, movies AND staying up all night…What could be better?  I remember watching my big sister go to her friends slumber parties as a child and just counting down the years until I was old enough to attend or have my own sleepover party.  Once your child gets to their pre-teen years, they’re bound to begin asking you to help them plan the perfect sleepover event!

When planning your slumber party, be sure to set the number of guests that you’d like to attend, (for parents, be sure not to invite more guests than you’re comfortable having in your home).  We typically say 2-8 guests is appropriate, besides the birthday girl.  When your guests arrive, be sure to go over your house rules so that each child knows what to expect in your household.  The computer may be off-limits, a little brother’s room or master bedroom may be off-limits for hide and seek type games, and you may want to set a “must be asleep by” time if the children are young.  Be sure to also keep in mind that a child may become homesick and may need to call home or go home in the middle of the night, which is okay.  Let the kids know that they can come to you if they are ever lonely, scared or worried, no matter what time of night.

Next up for planning – games and fun!  Some of the most popular sleepover games have to be put the kiss on the poster, (Justin Bieber is always a favorite), makeup / makeovers, dress-up, flashlight tag, hot potato nail polish (circle different bottles of nailpolish and when the music stops you paint one toe with the color in hand until all toes are painted), scavenger hunts, MASH or hide and seek.  You can also do the traditional sleepover tricks that we all love to love and hate like placing someone’s hand in warm water when they’re sleeping, put shaving cream in someones hand and tickle their face with a feather or play light as a feather, stiff as a board, (you remember that one, right??).

Be sure to have lots of movies and snacks on hand, from popcorn to ice cream, pretzels, soda, pizza or cupcakes – you’ll make sure nobody goes to sleep hungry!  You may also want to plan a nice breakfast for the morning after the sleepover, so that everyone has eaten before pick-up.  Pancakes and bacon are always a kid-favorite!

Below you can check out some of our favorite slumber party invitations and sleepover party invitations that are sure to set the scene for your child’s sleepover party, whether it’s their first slumber party or if they’re an old pro!  Our sleepover party invites are trendy, fun an vibrant, just like your pre-teen!  Choose from a variety of designs with sleepover girls in their bedtime gear, pizza slices, iPods, popcorn, sleeping bags, nail polish, soda and teddy bears.  Take a look below and create the PERFECT sleepover for your little girl!

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