Animal Print Invitations

It’s a jungle out there!  Lately it seems like wherever you look, you’ll see animal print patterns on your daily items, be it on a bed comforter, a folder for school, your child’s car seat, a new top from Express or maybe even your stationery!  But why has this animalistic print become so popular lately?

I think animal print gives off a feeling of confidence – sort of primal feel that says we’re independent, fun, outgoing and well, WILD!  It’s no wonder that so many of the products that sell well on our website are themed with animal print.  So are you someone who likes to show off her zebra stripes, a tall giraffe print girl, a lovely leopard print fanatic or more of a combination of the three?  It seems like animal print fans tend to lean toward one kind of animal print over the others, and for me, it’s the classic, mysterious and wild zebra print stripes, (in black and pink, of course)!

So how exactly can you reflect your independent and wild side while personalizing your world?  I am excited to say that we have incorporated animal print into many of our products, from self-inking zebra print stamps to animal print party invitations, stationery, acrylic hosting trays, desk planners, coasters, animal print iPad cases, personalized place mats, license plates, mugs, cutting boards and more!

Our animal print party invitations are most popular for sweet 16 party invitations as well as teen and adult party invitations for ages 13 and up.  Some of our most popular 50th and 60th birthday party invitations have leopard print borders, just to show that your wild side can’t be tamed, just because you’re a year older!  We’ve even seen animal print be incorporated into baby shower invitations and wedding invitations, believe it or not!

Check out some of our wild and outgoing animal print products and turn your world into a jungle with one of our customized animalistic print items!

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