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Creative Ways to Announce You’re Expecting

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Congratulations…you’re expecting!!  It’s an exciting time for any parent-to-be…how on earth will you be able to keep it a secret from your family members and friends?  And…just how long should you wait before you spread the news?

The most common amount of time to wait before announcing is 10 to 12 weeks, in other words, the end of the first trimester.  This is most common with first time pregnancies, if the couple prefers to keep the pregnancy private in case of a tragic event of a loss.  After the first trimester, the risk of a tragic miscarriage drops significantly, typically making it safe to make your announcement.  For parents who are not first-timers, or for those who simply just can’t wait to spread the news, some couples will only wait a few weeks before announcing.  Also, it may be hard to hide your big secret from friends, especially if you have morning sickness, have gained weight or are passing up the wine on a dinner out with friends.  Pregnancy may read all over your happy face!

When you are ready to share your ultra-exciting news, what are some new, fun and creative ways to announce you’re expecting?  I found some really cool ideas for announcing your pregnancy, and just had to share!

The Pea In The Pod – Perfect for announcing a pregnancy early-on, hand out a pea pod to family and friends when at your next party or when at work, and then make a quick announcement…”There’s a reason why you’re all holding a pea pod today!  This is how big my baby is right now!”

The Facebook Announcement – We all know facebook is great for spreading news!  Announce your pregnancy to all of your 400 facebook friends with a fun photo or posting.  Ideas?  Take a picture of your pregnancy test window, the kind that says “pregnant” on the screen.  Say nothing else, and you’ll be sure to get the conversation going!  Another idea?  My sister-in-law and her husband had an amazing sign made that they posted with their initials, reading “J + K +1”.   Want something a bit more blunt?  Post a photograph from your first sonogram!

Send Out a Pregnancy Announcement via Mail – You announce your marriage via mail, why not announce your pregnancy?  Choose a digital photo pregnancy announcement and upload a photograph from your first sonogram to announce your expecting!  Your friends, family and co-workers will think it’s another party invitation in the mail, but will be so excited to see that you’re expecting!  Expect the calls to start rolling in!

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement – Did you just find out you’re pregnant and the holidays are right around the corner?  Have all of your family open their gift from you at the same time and give out onesies that say “My Auntie loves me”, “My Grandma is the best” or “I love my Uncle”.  They’ll get the picture and soon you’ll be surrounded by tears of joy! Another holiday idea?  When trimming the tree with your family, give a small gift bag to your parents or family member and say you’re giving them an extra ornament to hang on the tree.  Give them a pair of knit booties with the ties strung together.

Office Humor – Ready to share the news with your co-workers? Come to work one day wearing a “pea in the pod” t-shirt or put “It’s a baby” cookies in the office break room.  Watch as everyone runs around trying to figure out who did the baking!  I once worked at an office with a pregnant co-worker who came in after her first ultrasound with a ribbon tied around the waist of her dress.  If it was blue we knew it was a boy and if it was pink we knew it was a girl.