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Football is Here – Football Stamps, Stationery & Gifts

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Are you ready for some football?!?! If you’re a huge NFL fan, you can’t wait for the workday to finish so that you can get to the local bar or your couch in front of your big screen TV to catch the first official NFL game of the season – the Giants vs. the Cowboys – which starts at 8:30 PM EST tonight at MetLife Stadium.  From our blog picture today, you can see what colors I bleed…but all in all, it’s just an exciting time for all of us NFL nuts as we make our journey back into football season – the best time of the year!

How do you support your favorite football team on game day?  Maybe it’s getting together with a meetup group at the bar, having a BBQ with friends in the backyard and projecting the game onto the side of your house or sitting in your man-cave having a few beers and yelling at the TV screen.  At InvitationBox, we are huge football fans, from Giants fans to Saints fans to Miami Dolphin fans – we’re with you with cheering our team on each football Sunday.  In light of this enthusiasm, I thought I might share with our readers a glimpse of our football collection today, which goes way beyond the realm of football invitations!

One of my favorite football gifts that we offer is our football custom self-inking stamp and our football helmet self-inking stamp by Noteworthy Collections.  You can choose your own wording for the outside of the stamps, “Go GIANTS”, and then elect to add colored ink pads to show off your team colors.  For college football fans, we offer locker room frames for all of the most popular college football teams, which feature your name as part of the football team jerseys.  If you’re hosting a football block party, we’ve got you covered with football, beer and BBQ designer paper, which easily prints on your home printer onto 8.5 x 11 inch sheets.  If you’ve got a football fan in the family, be sure to also check out our football stationery line which features football return address labels, football themed thank you notes and even graduation announcements and invitations for that high school quarterback!

So…are you ready for football season?  If so, break out your old football jersey, your lucky socks and your football appetizer bowl and get ready for some good old fashioned American football entertainment tonight – let the games begin!