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Creepy Cake Pops to Spook Up Your Halloween Party

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I’m going to admit it, (rather proudly, I might say)…I have become obsessed with cake pops.  They are the smallest, yummiest treat you can serve at a party, and not only do they look great displayed on your party table, they are also pretty easy to make!  My first cake pop experience was from my boss, when he brought in an assortment of cake pops from Starbucks after a busy week of long hours at work.  Being the avid baker I am, I kept thinking – this is gonna be huge – and it has truly taken off!

If you haven’t sinked your teeth into a cake pop just yet, it’s time you broke into the cake pop revolution!  I made my first batch of cake pops a few weeks ago for a 40th anniversary party that we were hosting, and not only did they come out tasting great, they really made a great focal point in our party area.  Being that it was an adult anniversary party, I made german chocolate cake with german chocolate frosting and then dipped the cake balls into white and dark chocolate.  Toppings were crushed pecans, toasted coconut and wedding themed/colored sprinkles to add a little dazzle.  The cake pops were a hit and not only did the adults eat them, but even the kids wanted to eat them too, which was surprising with all of the mature-tasting toppings.  It’s also a great way to make a little food go a long way!  Moist, rich little bites is all you need!

Feeling inspired?  If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, consider ditching the typical cupcake arrangement, which is messy to eat and takes up a lot of room, and switch things up a bit with some creepy cake pops to spook your guests.  You can turn your cake pops into creepy little purple monsters, like you see in the top left portion of our blog, (courtesy of bakerella and, or you can create your own creepy cake pop idea based on your Halloween costume or a favorite Halloween icon.  My ideas?  Eye ball cake pops made with white chocolate and red drizzle for bloodshot eyes, green monster cake pops with candycorn arms, black cats, orange pumpkins or maybe even bats clinging to  the outside of the cake pop.

Make an impression at your next Halloween party and share with us your feedback from your guests!  Or better yet…share with us the recipe!